Video Interviewing Leader, GreenJobInterview, Expands New Strategic Role: Julie Salerno Accepts VP of Sales and Strategic Alliances

Costa Mesa, Calif. (PRWEB) June 10, 2014 GreenJobInterview, a strategic leader in the video interviewing and hiring technology fields, announced Monday that VP of Sales Julie Salerno will expand her role with the HR Technology company to include Strategic Alliances. Salerno’s expanded role is a direct result of the company’s recent expansion and explosive growth. “Julie Salerno has been with GreenJobInterview since the beginning,” said Greg Rokos, GreenJobInterview President and co-founder. “Her hard work and superb knowledge of the recruiting and HR Technology landscape are just two of the reasons we have expanded her responsibilities here.” Salerno began her role as vice president of sales with GreenJobInterview six years ago. Her leadership has shaped the sales department, which recently reported its most profitable quarter and YOY results ever in the company’s 7-year history. Since 2008, Salerno has provided guidance and leadership to the company’s sales team, while increasing revenue growth […]

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Hire Anywhere: GreenJobInterview Expands Hiring Technology with Redesigned, Platform-Agnostic Mobile Application

GreenJobInterview, a leader in virtual interviewing, launched a new mobile app Wednesday; the app continues the company’s commitment of growth and innovation within the HR Technology space. TheGreenJob One-Way mobile app is available in the app store for iOS and Android devices. The move reflects a desire to allow candidates to more easily interview regardless of platform or device. Research shows 72% of active job candidates are using smart devices to view company sites, and companies are frequently requesting mobile capabilities. “Candidate experience is crucial, not only to us, but to our clients as well,” said Cosmin Dumitrescu, GreenJobInterview’s Chief Technology Officer and internal champion of the application. “It’s why we decided to start with that experience first. The mobile app will make it easy for companies to conduct a video interview anywhere, anytime, saving the time and cost spent in scheduling and travel.” The app design is flat and provides a simple, […]

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GreenJobInterview Placed in Leading Category in Recent Aragon Globe Research

Los Angeles (PRWEB) February 20, 2014 It’s a privilege to be considered one of the top companies leading the boards in virtual interviewing. GreenJobInterview, a pioneer in virtual interviewing, was recently recognized as one of three digital interviewing leaders by The Aragon Research Globe. GreenJobInterview was one of the first to offer a virtual interviewing service to the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition space. Noted for its achievements in innovation, strategy, and performance, GreenJobInterview is one of 13 companies featured in a video interview study conducted by The Aragon Research Globe. “We are honored to be in this study,” said Greg Rokos, president and co-founder. “It’s a privilege to be considered one of the top companies leading the boards in virtual interviewing. The Aragon Research Globe presented the information in a clear and professional manner.” The study included: Analysis of strategy, performance, and reach Strengths of GreenJobInterview: Both live and […]

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Passion in the Workplace: Good or Bad?

Happy Valentine’s Day! I think we can all agree that moments that inspire passion are few and far between. Maybe a day dedicated to just that isn’t so bad. If passion were only limited to our personal lives, it would make for a pretty dull 40 hours every single week for the rest of our existence, and that sounds pretty awful. Here are some quotes to inspire passion in recruiting from some of the greats. “The first thing we look for is the ‘warrior spirit.’ So much of our history was born out of battles — fighting for the right to be an airline, fighting off the big guys who wanted to squash us, now fighting off the low-cost airlines trying to emulate us. We are battle-born, battle-tried people. Anyone we add has to have some of that warrior spirit.” - Sherry Phelps, Exec. in the People Department Southwest Airlines Southwest […]

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5 Ways to Keep Employees Happy, but Still Working

These half hour breaks for a donut birthday party in the name of employee engagement have got to come to an end. Carb crashes and cookie cutter incentives aren’t going to cut it. Here are 5 ways to get employees motivated and engaged, that could actually affect the bottom line in a positive way. 1) Start Thinking More About Work Done, Rather than Time Spent If there is never a light at the end of the tunnel, employees aren’t given much incentive to get work done in a timely manner. Sometimes, a continuous stream of work is intrinsic to a position. Other times, management will see fit to throw busy work at their employees to keep them at the desk until 5pm sharp. It is at this point that employees will disengage from work and engage with Facebook. 40 hours of time at work very rarely translates to 40 hours […]

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It has created a candidate experience that is rich and rewarding.

Marc Branca, Amway

GreenJobInterview helped us find ways to make our recruiting process more sustainable.

Amy Rudea, UCLA

It saves a lot of money, saves time and it’s a great [easy] sell to my hiring managers.

Keri Osburn, Chesapeake Energy

The customer service [speed and turnaround time] is excellent.

Cindy Navarrette, Allergan