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The Only Video Interviewing Solution That Works The Way You Do

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Interview Smarter with Video Interviewing

If seeing is believing, video interviewing is revolutionizing how we hire. Interactive, collaborative, and intuitive for users, our platform allows hiring managers and recruiters to assess skills, gauge culture, interview a broader pool of applicants and build employer brand immediately. Too many bells and whistles can be distracting. That’s why we focus on what works. A company started by expert recruiters, we are the team behind your HR tech. Allow us to streamline your hiring process and personalize your candidates’ experience.

700 Sales Reps

See it in action: Otsuka hired an entire salesforce in just over a month using GreenJobInterview to screen, interview and hire. Learn how you can use our video interviewing platform to reduce time to hire.

Cost savings

Hire Across Borders

Check it out: Hypertherm created a qualified, global workforce across 12 locations using the power of video interviewing. Get the complete case study on hiring for cultural fit.

Hire Better with Video Interviewing

Today’s candidates expect an elevated candidate experience. Our team of expert recruiters act as an extension of your recruiting team. We know that it’s the recruiter who makes hiring decisions, not a computer. Our technology allows recruiters to make those decisions easier. Source, screen, interview, collaborate and hire top candidates with the click of a button. Put assessment results, interview notes, resume information and the power of conversation right at your team’s fingertips. Your candidates will be shepherded through the hiring process with our friendly proactive customer success team.

Build an Unparalleled Employer Brand

Build a better brand with enhanced communications, custom branded video interviewing portals, individualized welcome messaging, and the ability to hold open interviews for your hardest to fill positions. Candidates don’t accept offers based on bells and whistles; they accept offers because they’ve developed connections. Our video interview software removes the barriers which hinder businesses and job seekers to get to know one another. Nothing compares to the easier, more efficient and transparent hiring process when your hiring team uses video interviewing with GreenJobInterview.

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$1000 per person

That’s the estimated savings for every single out of town applicant the Intercontinental Hotel Group interviewed using our video interviewing platform. Read how this global chain used video to brand their jobs!

What Our Clients Have to Say

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We’re recruiters too. We know it takes a personal touch to hire great talent.

We’ve been making incredible video interviews happen since 2008. This saves your company time and money, but it also helps increase cultural fit, reduces time to fill, and creates an impressive and authentic, personal candidate experience. Our best in class customer success team acts as a natural extension of your recruiting team. Proactive and knowledgeable, our team humanizes the digital experience.