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Infographic: The Anatomy of a Video Interview

In this new infographic, see what goes into the anatomy of a video interview and how video ...Download

Case Study: Leading Food and Beverage Brand Improves Candidate Experience with GreenJob Video Interviews

A leading food and beverage company had trouble coordinating large amounts of interviews ...Download

Case Study: International Staffing Firm Uses GreenJob Video Interviews to Combat Screening and Scheduling Challenges

An international staffing firm was struggling to pre-screen a large amount of candidates ...Download

White Paper: Video in the Retail Industry

The retail industry continues to grow every year, bringing in hundreds of thousands of new ...Download

Case Study: Canadian Pharmaceutical Leader Pharmascience uses GreenJob Recorded Interviews for Internships and International Hiring

Canadian pharmaceutical leader Pharmascience was struggling to coordinate with internship ...Download

Infographic: 7 Video Interview Statistics that Prove You’re Ready for Video Interviews

We often speak with organizations that feel they’re not ready for video interviews ...Download

Infographic: The State of Applicant Screening

Struggling with screening applicants the traditional way? Phone interviews are time ...Download

White Paper: How Video is Shaping Talent Acquisition

In our newest paper, How Video is Shaping Talent Acquisition, we examine how vital video ...Download

Case Study: HR Solutions Provider ProService Hawaii Uses GreenJob Recorded Video Interviews to Manage Increasing Hiring Volume

As a growing organization, HR solutions provider ProService Hawaii projected hiring a lot ...Download

Infographic: The GreenJobInterview “Anti-Brochure”

When you’re researching a new product, you’re usually bombarded with its ...Download

Case Study: Carolinas HealthCare System Uses GreenJob Video Interviews to Hire Hundreds of Graduate Registered Nurses

Despite a national nursing shortage, Carolinas Healthcare System was eager to recruit new ...Download
iPad Image_Interview Tips Infographic

Infographic: 5 Tips for Rocking your Video Interview

It can be a little nerve wrecking to have your first video interview. After all, ...Download

Free White Paper: Why You Don’t Want a Free Video Interviewing Solution

Considering a new video interviewing solution? In the battle between free vs. paid, ...Download
Bridging Skills Gap Video Interviewing

Bridge the Skills Gap with Video Interviewing

Across the globe, employers are having increased difficulty hiring qualified candidates.  ...Download
business case video interviewing

How to Build a Business Case for Video Interviewing

Human resources technology continues to improve. But rarely outside of HR or Talent ...Download
video interview myths

Exposing the 10 Most Common Video Interviewing Myths

Get the Truth Behind these Common Video Interviewing Myths It may no longer be the ...Download
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Escentuals of Video Interviewing: Bare Escentuals Case Study

The 2015 Bare Escentuals Case Study Evaluating makeup application techniques while ...Download
video interview checklist

Transform Your Recruiting Process

Many businesses are seeking to review and revise their recruiting process.  This has come ...Download
video interview facts

Video Interviewing Solutions

GreenJobInterview offers the premier video interviewing solutions for the modern ...Download

The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing

Hire Smarter with Video Interviewing Did you know that 85% of hiring managers say video ...Download

Your Corporate Clock is Ticking

… And you didn’t have much time to begin with. We’ve broken it down for you in this ...Download

Interview On The Go Infographic

The discussion of how mobile is increasing is continuous, and we can’t stress enough how ...Download

Lights, Camera, Action! Video Interviewing Tips for Both Sides of the Lens

Camera Shy? Interviews can be intimidating on both sides of the screen. GreenJobInterview ...Download
video interview survey results

Virtual Work Is Changing. Download The Results From Our 2014 Virtual Work Survey

Virtual Work is “working” its way into corporate life. Tools that offer employees, ...Download

Complimentary Download: Hypertherm Success Study

You probably already know that we’re in the virtual interviewing business, but you may not ...Download

CASE STUDY: Need to Hire Fast? Here’s How One Company Did It

Otsuka needed qualified, sophisticated sales talent fast. The company was growing and ...Download

Start Hacking Now: 12 Recruiting Hacks for the Future

Download this whitepaper full of actionable ideas to implement into your recruiting ...Download

Hiring Passive Talent: The Right Tools Make All The Difference

Hiring Passive Talent The job market has become a candidate’s market. Increasingly, ...Download
Top 10 Commandments of GJI

The Top 10 Candidate Commandments

In a post-apocalyptic hiring environment, candidates (and recruiters) are frustrated and ...Download
video interview case study

IHG Reduces Costs, Complications and Carbon Footprints with Virtual Interview Solution.

Learn how GreenJobInterview helped InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) solve its talent ...Download

The Live Virtual Interview Experience: It Is All About You!

Today’s top candidates are connected and well-informed and have come to expect a high ...Download
video interview information

Live Virtual Interviews: A Real Game Changer

Hiring practices are changing. The traditional hiring methods of the phone interview ...Download