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Tech is the fastest-growing and most competitive industry on the planet, and it’s only going to get bigger and more competitive. You need a solution that adapts and meets the needs of a fast-moving and global market. Our platform creates an immediate brand with your pool of applicants and allows you to expand your reach beyond mere geographical borders. Use our integrated assessments to proctor tests, assess candidates and hire for fit.

Our platform allows you to source, screen and hire the best candidates anywhere and anytime. Chances are you’re looking for passive talent that can’t take hours or days to visit your office to gauge fit. Why not save time and money and interview them face-to-face with a GreenJob Live™ interview? Last year, we saved clients over $25 million dollars! Set up more personal meetings with your best candidates. Expand your client pool with our mobile solutions for catering to more socially engaged, on-the-go candidates.

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The GreenJobInterview Video Interviewing Software Can Help You:

  • Interview qualified, passive tech candidates on their schedule
  • Reduce travel costs and recruiting budgets by as much as 70%
  • Build in tech assessments to narrow your talent pool to the most qualified
  • Brand your company as tech-savvy and efficient