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Video Interviewing for the Service Industry

Stay out the weeds and hire the best faster with video

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Need to hire multiple service people quickly? Trying to schedule interviews around odd hours and busy lives?  Having difficulty getting hiring managers away from the front lines of the company so they can interview? Whether it’s housekeeping, maintenance, or other services, it can be difficult to hire for these positions. GreenJobInterview can help services business hire quickly and well with solutions like scheduling tools, simple screening interviews, collaboration features and more.

Expand your client pool with our mobile solutions for catering to more engaged, on-the-go candidates.You need the right people and you needed them yesterday. Our candidate screening tool saves hiring managers an average of 20 minutes per interview! Plus you can leave your GreenJobInterview open and promote it socially so people can keep submitting their interview screens indefinitely and you build a solid talent pipeline of qualified individuals.

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The GreenJobInterview Video Interviewing Software Can Help You:

  • Find the right candidates within hours
  • Eliminate time-sucking phone screens
  • Build your social brand with a click of a button
  • Hold virtual career fairs