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Video Interviewing for Manufacturing


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The manufacturing industry’s talent pool might be the most diverse and farthest-reaching in terms of square footage. A company in Brazil might need a candidate from China. To manage the breadth of candidates your manufacturing company is facing, use GreenJobInterview’s comprehensive video interviewing solutions to source, screen, interview and hire. No matter where you might find your next new hire, we’ve got you covered.

Screen candidates and get a better sense of all their skills than you get with a regular resume. Use assessments and group interviews to find the right candidates, faster. Screen the best manufacturing applicants into a shortlist and save time. When you’re ready to get to know an interviewee better, schedule a live interview with them for a more personal meeting from any two points in the world. Our entire platform is available on your office desktop or your smartphone when you’re in the field or on the floor.

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The GreenJobInterview Video Interviewing Software Can Help You:

  • Screen candidates for all the positions you need filled in record time
  • Eliminate travel time and money
  • Learn about all of candidate’s skills from anywhere in the world
  • Get a jump on the competition — sign up for a demo today!