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Video Interviewing for the Hospitality Industry


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Whether you need temporary staff for the busy seasons or need to hire for more permanent help, you want to hire your new staff and have them meeting your customer’s every need as fast as possible. To fill all of your positions in time for the weeks you need them filled, use GreenJobInterview’s comprehensive video interviewing solutions, including our innovative new solution, GreenJob One-Way™. When you need to staff up on short notice, we’ll help you find the right candidate faster than you thought possible.

GreenJobInterview’s wide array of video interviewing tools will provide you with a large pool of pre-recorded interviews with candidates. Screen candidates and get a better sense of their personal skills than you get with a regular resume. Cull the best candidates into a shortlist and save time. When you’re ready to get to know an interviewee better, schedule a live interview with them for a more personal meeting. We also offer mobile solutions for more engaged, on-the-go candidates.

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The GreenJobInterview Video Interviewing Software Can Help You:

  • Screen candidates for all the positions you need filled in record time
  • Eliminate travel time and money
  • Learn about a candidate’s personal skills before meeting them
  • Get a jump on your busy season — Sign up for a demo today!