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Video Interviewing for Education

If you think education costs are exorbitant, try hiring in education.

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Higher education is one of the most competitive fields in the world. Candidates for teaching positions and tenure far outnumber the open positions in just about every major. To sort through all of these education candidates in record time and find the best professors, you’ll need GreenJobInterview’s comprehensive video interviewing solutions, including our innovative new solution, GreenJob One-WayTM.

GreenJobInterview’s wide array of video interviewing tools will provide you with a large pool of pre-recorded interviews with candidates. Quickly screen a large number of candidate videos (including test lectures), sending only the best candidates to colleagues and hiring staff to save time. When you’re ready to get to know an interviewee better, schedule a live interview with them for a more personal meeting. We also offer mobile solutions for the more engaged, on-the-go professors of tomorrow.

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The GreenJobInterview Video Interviewing Software Can Help You:

  • Screen candidate interviews and lectures faster and on your time
  • Save on travel interviews by interviewing face-to-face with our Live product
  • Learn about each candidate’s teaching style before meeting them
  • Get ahead on hiring for the school year