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Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare for a video interview?

Use these 10 video interview tips for the best interview ever.

Does the system require a user to download software?

No, the solution utilizes a secure, browser-based technology that does not require any software to be downloaded.

Does the solution work on a PC and/or Mac? works equally well on either a PC or Mac computer.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Internet Bandwidth Requirements: The GreenJobInterview system (both Live and One-Way™) streams video at resolutions of 320 x 240 or higher, utilizing up to 280 kbps of bandwidth for each incoming video stream. Live interviews may have multiple, simultaneous incoming streams. This is well within the capabilities of most high-speed Internet connections. Even so, we recommend a wired Ethernet connection for an optimal interviewing experience.


Minimum System Requirements: For both Live and One-Way™ interviews: Internet browser (IE 9+, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome) with Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later plug-in installed, a webcam (internal or external) and a connection to the Internet. For mobile interviewing: the GreenJob Live, GreenJob One-Way, or GreenJob Pro app from the appropriate store (Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS), a mobile device (phone or tablet) with an front-facing camera, a recent operating system version (iOS 5.1.1 or later and Android 2.2 or later), and a wireless internet connection.

What Internet browser(s) work best with

We recommend using the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer (9+).

How does the audio work? Where does the sound portion come from?

The sound comes from a standard telephone due to the importance of reliability and familiarity during a job interview. Either a landline or mobile phone can be used. Also, when multiple participants are involved, a standard conference call can be set up and used.

Where do I plug in my webcam?

The webcam can be plugged into any available USB port on a PC or Mac, desktop or laptop computer.

How many participants can use simultaneously?

The system is capable of hosting 16 separate and individual guests or connections at the same time.

What is a “system check” and how does it work?

The team conducts a “system check” with each user in advance of every live virtual interview to ensure that all connections work and to answer any outstanding questions regarding the process. This brief orientation typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

What happens if a candidate does not have a webcam? will ship a webcam on behalf of our clients to a candidate who does not currently have their own webcam.

Will any webcam work?

Yes, any webcam will work with, but we do recommend using either a Logitech or Microsoft webcam for the best live virtual interview experience possible.

What does the candidate do with their webcam after the live virtual interview has been completed?

Most hiring organizations choose to let their candidates keep the webcam and encourages it, but the option to have it returned is up to the individual company.

Does ship internationally?

Yes, does ship webcams internationally and the cost of any shipments is the responsibility of the hiring organization.

How much lead time is necessary to ship a webcam to a candidate?

Standard UPS shipping times and prices apply to all domestic and international deliveries. Most hiring organizations select the 2-Day shipping option, but multiple overnight delivery choices are available with associated costs being the responsibility of our clients.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support and international customer service?

Yes, each client receives a dedicated customer service team that is available for support issues around the clock.

What happens if my company has a firewall?

Because RTMP is the native protocol for communications between a Flash Media Server and the Flash Player installed at the local machine, the best system performance is achieved utilizing port 1935. However, alternative ports may be used successfully if needed, and works with each client individually to find the solution that’s best for their particular scenario.