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We all need a little help and no one is better at support than GreenJobInterview

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Tired of getting less than you expected? There are video interview software platforms that provide you with some code and a slick marketing website and then punt your calls to a service center without a scintilla of experience in recruitment. At GreenJobInterview, we focus on giving you the best experience ever. That means you will never wonder what’s going to happen when and neither will your candidates.

Our friendly in-house video interviewing experts walk you through setting up your branded portal, creating your specific email templates and sharing best practices gleaned from our leadership position in the industry. And that’s just the beginning.

After we take you through our interviewing onboarding process, we help you get settled by training you and your whole hiring team on the platform to the point where it feels second nature. We’ll also assist and support every time you have a new interview, so your candidates can be at their best when they appear on camera the first time.

With GreenJobInterview, you can expect: