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5 Ways to Improve Employer Brand on a Budget


5 Ways to Improve Employer Brand on a Budget

Naturally, the better the employer brand, the better the candidates. As with anything, these things cost money, and smaller organizations probably have smaller budgets to build an employer brand that will resonate with the top job seekers. Have no fear! A small budget doesn’t have to deter you from building a brand you’re proud of. With these tips to improve employer brand on a budget, any sized organization can see an improvement in employer brand without breaking the bank.

How to Improve Employer Brand on a Budget

1. Motivate Employees - One of the first steps to improving employer brand is a very inexpensive one. Simply motivate existing employees to share their experience working for the company on popular job review websites like Glassdoor. Because many job seekers trust the opinions of existing employees on these websites, positive reviews can improve employer brand in the eyes of potential applicants. Motivate employees through inexpensive incentive programs or simply by asking them to review the company honestly (because reviews are kept anonymous).

2. Use Social Media - Lucky for us, social media is still free! It’s also proven to be a very successful tool for connecting with candidates and reaching passive candidates. Stay active on social media websites, particularly LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and consider using inexpensive social media ad campaigns to promote specific posts to your ideal job seekers.

3. Try Video Interviews - We’ve learned that video interviews can help improve employer brand because candidates have a positive interview experience. As a result, candidates would recommend the organization to others, which helps to improve the company’s reputation as an employer. Whether you use live virtual interviews or recorded video interviews, the elevated candidate experience can help build employer brand while keeping overall costs low because the cost of video interviews can eliminate the need for some travel costs and scheduling inefficiencies.

4. Amp up Job Descriptions - A well-written and well-optimized job description can make a big difference on employer brand and overall applicant attraction. Including thoughtful and accurate descriptions of the company will give your ideal applicants insight into the company. If you have even a small budget available, you can use it to hire a freelance professional to write a job description that will attract candidates who identify with the employer brand.

5. Improve Career Website - Looking at your organization’s career website or page from a prospective applicant’s point of view may help you determine necessary changes. All of these changes can probably be made easily with an internal team, so making small-scale updates won’t cost a fortune (or maybe anything at all). Discuss the company culture, include photos from company events, share the overall work environment and include testimonials from existing employees.

Including these tactics in your overall recruiting strategy don’t have to be expensive. When planned out thoughtfully, your organization can reap the benefits of your methods to build employer brand, and you’ll see plenty of quality candidates coming your way. These budget-friendly employer brand tactics are a must-have for organizations of all sizes!


Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: