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5 Tips for Hiring an Engaged Workforce


5 Tips for Hiring an Engaged Workforce

Employee engagement is a top-of-mind topic for many business leaders who are struggling to keep employees motivated. According to Gallup, more than half of the US workforce is disengaged, which causes organizations’ productivity to drop and ultimately hurts the business. Because employee engagement and company profits can be related, it’s important that recruiters and hiring managers make smart hiring decisions by hiring an engaged workforce that will help the organization grow and profit. In this case, employee engagement includes everything from a person’s positivity to their attitude about the job to their likelihood or staying at the organization for a long period of time. The happier the employees are, the more successful the business can be, which means the pressure is on hiring leaders to hire new employees who will fit in well with the company culture and maintain high levels of engagement throughout their tenure at the company.

Tips for Hiring an Engaged Workforce

1. Recorded Interviews - First and foremost, screening candidates more heavily by incorporating recorded video interviews may help you identify better candidates. By seeing candidates respond to questions in a direct way and having the ability to rewind and rewatch those response allows you to learn more about them and judge their responses more carefully than you could in a traditional phone interview. With recorded interviews, it’s easier to notice attributes about candidates that may make them more engaged employees, such as their overall attitude.

2. Screen for Cultural Fit - With both recorded interviews and face-to-face interviews, interviewers can ask questions geared toward determining the candidates cultural fit. If they seem as if they’ll fit in well with the company’s culture, it’s likely that they’ll be more engaged.

3. Note their Energy - You can tell a lot about a candidate by how excited they are about the opportunity. While it should not be your only decision factor, it’s likely that candidates who show more energy or excitement about the job and the organization will show higher engagement later on. Experienced interviewers may be able to tell right away when a candidate is truly excited as opposed to just looking for any job.

4. Background & Reference Checks - Most organizations will ask candidates for references and/or perform a background check before hiring them. Since your team is already performing background checks, it’s the perfect time to ask their references questions about their workplace demeanor and attitude with their coworkers. Former employers and other professional references are great sources of information to help you determine what a candidate’s potential engagement will be on the job.

5. Ask the Right Questions – As with any interview, asking candidates the right questions will help you learn what you want to know. In the case of employee engagement, you will want to hire someone who demonstrates great problem-solving skills, answers your questions thoughtfully and has completed proper research on the organization. All of these factors can be determined through well-thought-out questions and posing scenarios to the candidate, which can be particularly helpful in recorded video interviews. Another key indicator of highly engaged candidates will be asking questions of the interviewer. Candidates who respond thoughtfully and ask great questions are probably more engaged.

You can never truly know who you hire until they begin the work, but noting the important traits of engaged workers can help ensure you’re hiring an engaged workforce that will fit in well at the organization. Surely, management will appreciate the steps recruiters and hiring managers make to avoid a bad hire.

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