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Live Virtual Interview Video Product Update Launched By GreenJobInterview


Live Virtual Interview Video Product Update Launched By GreenJobInterview

A video interview software provider has launched a newly updated generation of its product, called GreenJob Live, which is a live virtual interview solution helping to streamline the job application process for both the business and the applicant. GreenJobInterview is a video interviewing platform, offering a B2B service to make it easier to find the right hire for any job.

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What GreenJobInterview offers over its competition is that it provides a white-glove service in that the company’s staff will connect with the job applicants and test the connection and technology beforehand, helping to ensure that the interview happens on time and runs smoothly.

By eliminating technical hiccups in this way, the software and the staff can work together to create a seamless and powerful job interview process. This allows the business to cut out unnecessary worry and stress and focus on the interview itself, so that they can hire the right person.

Video interviewing has a number of benefits, and is becoming increasingly popular in today’s market, where applicants can come from all over the world. The traditional hiring process, which involves phone calls and face to face interviews, is becoming outdated and time consuming in comparison to the freedom and advantages that video interviews offer.

The newly updated software from GreenJobInterview includes audio feature upgrades, next generation technology support, and other key updates to make sure the software is at the forefront of the market.

It has incorporated multiple dial-up phone number support, including support for toll-free numbers, both domestic and international, and bridging voice over IP with dial-up. In addition to this, it has support for next generation technologies like WebRTC and is open to third-party video conference applications.

GreenJobInterview was founded in 2008 and has developed into a pioneer of virtual interview solutions. GreenJobInterview prides itself on its high-quality service and strives to lead the way with cutting edge software, helping businesses to get the best staff for their individual needs.

Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: