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Why You Need a Purpose-Built Video Interviewing Solution


Why You Need a Purpose-Built Video Interviewing Platform

You’ve decided to start interviewing candidates with video. Great! Now what?

Now it’s time to decide how you’re going to do it, but that means examining costs, time and the potential for ROI. While it might seem easy to gravitate toward a solution like Skype that you’re already familiar with, it’s not a solution to your problem. When you’re considering things like cost, time, efficiency, branding and ROI, you need a purpose-built video interviewing solution.

We get it. Skype, WebEx and other applications are already being used by your organization for internal use, which makes a lot of sense because that’s exactly what those applications were created to do, but that’s all they were created to do.

What does that mean? We consider ourselves a purpose-built video interviewing organization because we designed a platform with the specific purpose of managing video interviews in mind, whereas other tools were built for internal communication. See the difference?

5 Reasons You Need a Purpose-Built Video Interviewing Solution

1. Reduce Time to Hire - Whether you use live or recorded video interviews, you’ll quickly see how much they can speed up your hiring timeline. Specifically, screening candidates through video allows you to breeze through multiple video recordings in the time it would take you to complete one phone screen. Meet with candidates anytime, anywhere and determine right away if you think they’ll be a good fit for the job, moving through the process much faster. You won’t find this pre-recorded screening tool with a free video software or traditional meeting applications like Webex.

2. Better Branding - When interviewing candidates virtually, they don’t experience the brand awareness that they would experience walking through your office. During the invitation and interviewing process, wouldn’t you rather infuse your organization’s branding into these items so that it keeps your brand front-and-center? Only a purpose-built video interviewing platform will allow you the flexibility to completely customize the experience for hiring managers and candidates with branded meeting rooms, invitations and waiting rooms.

3. Reduce Costs - If you’re attempting to use an application like Skype or Webex, you may think it’s saving you money compared to a purpose-built solution, but it’s not. In fact, when you consider the increased efficiency you receive with a purpose-built platform, you can actually save a lot more money. Plus, other softwares do not come with the same level of service and support that a purpose-built solution does. All of the issues associated with generic applications add up quickly to dollar signs and lots of headaches.

4. Technical Support and Ease of Use - A purpose-built solution provides one-on-one support for candidates, hiring managers and schedulers, walking individuals through the system and providing unique Success Checks to check users’ hardware and internet connections prior to the meeting. You certainly won’t receive this type of service with traditional meeting software. Instead, you’ll find yourself unable to attend interviews and on the phone with Microsoft Skype support trying to fix a problem that severely impacts your candidate’s experience, which could negatively affect your employer brand.

5. Added Features - Because purpose-built solutions are designed for video interviewing, the platform is set up to manage candidate data as well as hiring manager data, and it tracks reporting for easy reviewing. You have complete control over messaging, audio options, email notifications and so much more, which add to the increased efficiency of a purpose-built solution. With other meeting softwares, you can’t treat an interview differently when scheduling, but GreenJobInterview gives the full range to complete a variety of interview and meeting types on one platform.

There’s no doubt that there are several great softwares for participating in internal meetings, but surely you’ve realized that internal meetings have different needs than interviews. With a purpose-built video interview solution like GreenJobInterview, you receive the features and support you need to create a smooth scheduling and interviewing process that’s unique to your organization, including customized branding and templates. Are you convinced?


Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: