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Make Better Decisions with Video Interviews


Make Better Hiring Decisions with Video Interviews

Hiring choices are big decisions that could cost the organization a lot of money if a new hire is not the right fit. An employee who does not fit the company culture, does not work well with other employees or does not have the skills or attitude required for the job could become a drain on resources or have a negative impact on business.

About 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions, which means those bad hires could be costly. Additionally, the longer you employ a bad hire, the more likely it is that their attitude and behavior will impact other employees in a negative way, damaging employee moral and engagement. While it may not be possible to completely avoid making a bad hire, most business leaders agree that it’s better not to hire anyone than to make a bad hire. Understandably, interviewers are often under pressure to make hiring decisions very quickly, so they choose the best of the candidates they have in front of them, which may not be not enough.

Whatever the situation, video interviews can help recruiters and hiring managers make better hiring decisions through multiple touches or repetition.

Why Interviewers Make Better Decisions with Video Interviews

Multiple Views - The benefit of One-Way recorded video interviews in hiring decisions is the ability to view a candidate video multiple times without an extra time commitment. Normally, if you’re unsure about a candidate, you try to recall the interview, schedule a follow-up interview or refer to your notes, but none of these options give you the same clarity as rewatching a recording. Video interviews can solidify your hiring decisions without speaking directly to the candidate, so you can either use them to screen candidates more heavily early on or as a tool for refreshing your memory when making the hiring decision.

Easy Collaboration - In addition, teams can easily collaborate on hiring decisions by sharing and rating recorded video interviews. In cases where the decision falls on multiple people, or in cases where recruiters are sharing the best candidates with hiring managers, video interviews are key to making decisions efficiently. The ability to share and rate responses allows teams to collaborate seamlessly no matter where they’re located, so no extra time is wasted.

It’s always best to wait for the right candidate to come along, and more efficient screening methods like video interviews help ensure you find the right one so that you feel more secure about your hiring decisions and avoid making a bad hire that could hurt your organization.


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