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How to Turn Job Offers into Acceptances


How to Turn Job Offers into Acceptances

You finally found the right candidate.

After weeks of searching and dozens of interviews, you discovered one candidate was perfect for the job, so you extend them an offer with the expectation that they’ll gratefully accept. What if they decline?

Any HR professional understands the frustration of a candidate declining a job offer and having to scramble to find a replacement. When you put in the time and effort to source candidates, it hurts when it doesn’t pay off with a job acceptance. Taking the time to understand why candidates decline offers and how your organization is perceived can help you learn how to turn job offers in acceptances more often.

Tips for Turning Offers into Acceptances

Here are a few tips to help you improve your offer acceptance rate:

1. Promote the job honestly – Be honest about the position when recruiting and interviewing candidates. Those who take the time to apply are expecting the job to be exactly like it’s described in the job posting, so be clear about expectations from the very beginning. It’s better to have less applicants who are qualified and understand the role than have more applicants who don’t end up wanting the job. Promote the job as honestly as possible and be clear about company standards during the interview process so that you can easily weed out candidates who won’t enjoy the work. You can do this easily with video screening interviews by asking specific questions to narrow down a large pool of applicants.

2. Increase salaries to industry standards - A common reason job seekers turn down job offers is that the salary is too low for the job expectations. Although budgets are tight and you may have little power to increase salaries, it’s worth trying to increase the offer, especially for high quality candidates that you can’t stand to let go of. Despite the budgetary hit, having industry standard salaries improves employer brand and can improve job offer acceptance rates for the future, ultimately saving you money on hiring and potentially reducing employee turnover.

3. Build relationships and foster connections - It’s hard enough to find time for screening and interviews, but taking the time to get to know candidates can help them feel more comfortable and possibly influence them to accept the job later on. People want to start a new job feeling comfortable and welcomed, and because recruiters are the first introduction to the company, building relationships is one of the best ways to improve acceptance rates.

While you’ll never be able to fully control turning job offers into acceptances, consistently taking steps to build employer brand and improve working conditions, including increasing salaries and job perks, will go a long way toward increasing offer acceptance rates. Hopefully, your hard work behind the scenes pays off and you’ll see more candidates accepting jobs. In the beginning, this can seem like an expensive strategy, but most companies that invest in their employer brands see incredible ROI in the form of better employees, reduced turnover and more, and it all starts with offer acceptance rates.

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