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5 Ways to Add Video Interviews to your Current Hiring Process


5 Ways to Add Video Interviews to your Current Hiring Process

Video is becoming the most widely used form of communication to connect individuals across the world. With the sensation of video chat software and video sharing applications and websites, it’s no surprise that video has also become widely used in talent acquisition. Video interviews are used by at least two-thirds of hiring managers, and according to our 2015 research, approximately half of organizations had used video interviews to place a candidate.

One of the questions people often ask us is “how does video interviewing fit into MY hiring process?

Every organization and talent acquisition department is different. They use different tactics and strategies, follow different processes and manage talent differently, but there’s a video interviewing strategy for every type of organization. We put together five ways to add video interview to your current hiring process so you can figure out if video interviews are right for you, and best of all, you can choose the scenario (or multiple scenarios) that work for you and decide whether these tactics could be added or even replace certain steps in your hiring process.

Screen Applicants with Recorded Video Interviews

Before you even connect with candidates personally, you can use recorded video interviews to screen applicants in less time, narrowing down a pool of applicants based on their recorded responses. Instead of taking the time to call every eligible applicant, simply provide them a link to submit responses to a set of pre-determined questions, which you can review, rate and share within a video interview platform like GreenJob One-Way. Use a variety of text and video questions to solicit responses about everything you want to know – ask applicants to upload their resumes, add a link to their LinkedIn profiles, answer yes or no questions or long-answer questions and record video responses to create well-rounded candidate profiles that can be shared with others on your team to determine their fit, communication abilities or test their skills.

Suggestions: Use recorded video interviews to either replace phone screens altogether or narrow down applicants before a phone screen to save you time and ensure you’re narrowing down quality candidates first. Provide scenarios to test their skills and use a variety of text and video questions to build a profile for each applicant.

Screening Interview with a Recruiter

For a more personal touch, use live video interviews to meet with candidates before scheduling a hiring manager interview. This is also ideal for staffing organizations that screen talent for clients. With live video interviews, recruiters can host preliminary interviews that are more convenient than in-person interviews but more personal and informative than a phone interview.

Suggestions: Use live video interviews to screen a large amount of candidates more conveniently before involving hiring managers.

Hiring Manager Interview

Live video interviews are most commonly used for meetings between hiring managers and candidates, coordinated by talent acquisition teams that have already screened candidates’ resumes and recorded video interviews. They are ideal for reducing travel expenses, removing scheduling difficulties and creating a more efficient way for long-distance candidates to meet with hiring managers. With these types of interviews, recruiters can also coordinate panel or back-to-back interviews with multiple people, making it a much more efficient way to meet with multiple people at once, especially when all participants are in different locations. Video interviews can either be used as the introductory interview before an in-person meeting or replace the in-person interview in order to create a more convenient process by reducing costs, scheduling conflicts and travel needs.

Suggestions: Use live video interviews for hiring managers to meet with candidates in the first round of interviews in order to reduce travel costs and save time, or use them to replace in-person interviews when it is more convenient for all participants.

Post-Interview Discussion and Follow-Up

Although less conventional, our video interview platform is designed to have more purposes than simply an “interview.” Use GreenJob Live to host a post-interview discussion with candidates and hiring managers to share feedback and next steps in the process. Using video interviews for this step keeps the process more personal than communicating via phone or email.

Suggestions: Schedule post-interview discussions via live video interviews to review the process and discuss next steps if candidates are cleared to move along in the hiring process.

Extending an Offer

When you’ve used video interviews to meet with candidates virtually and possibly even to follow up with them post-interview, it makes sense to use the same tactic for extending a job offer in order to keep the process very personal. This tactic is ideal for organizations that strive to keep recruiting extremely personal, and it works well in situations where candidates are not able to come directly to the office for their interviews.

Suggestions: Schedule a live video interview to extend an offer to a candidate and answer any questions they have regarding employment in a more personal environment.

You can see that video interviews can be used for more than simply the interview. GreenJobInterview’s latest feature updates allow users to schedule meetings on-the-go with less steps, schedule right from Outlook or Gmail and generate calendar invites as interview requests in order to allow teams to meet more easily. The purpose of live and recorded video interviews is to help you create a more efficient and more personal hiring process – one that doesn’t lose the personal touch by meeting through technology. Video interviews are proven to increase time-to-hire, reduce cost-per-hire and improve the candidate experience compared to costly travel or impersonal phone screens.

No matter your hiring process, there’s a video interviewing scenario for you, and our client success representatives are trained to help you identify the best uses of our platform and craft a strategy that will help you meet your hiring goals with video interviews.

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