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5 Ways Teleworking Benefits Your Business


5 Ways Teleworking Benefits Your Business

In 2013, CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, asked their large base of teleworking employees to return to the office. To many employers, this signaled a departure from a growing trend across America. While this move was right for a company struggling to innovate after years of stagnation, many employers are finding enhanced benefits of teleworking. Across the nation, employers are finding that the benefits far outweigh the costs associated with letting their employees work from home.

The Pros of Teleworking

There is a war for top talent in the current job market. Many employers are struggling to stand out from the crowd and define themselves as the best place to work. In a market where candidates no longer base all of their decisions on salary, teleworking can be an attractive benefit that brings the best and brightest on board.

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Today, technology makes it easier than ever for employers to promote teleworking. Employees no longer have to maintain a physical presence in the office in order to be productive. In fact, by cutting the cord and taking business virtual, many employers have found a variety of business benefits. Consider the following ways in which teleworking could be beneficial to your business:

Employees are more productive. One of the benefits of teleworking is that employees are actually more productive when working remotely. According to Intuit, employees who are teleworking have 63% fewer absences and are 71% more productive. A recent Stanford study showed that call center employees allowed to work from home actually increased their productivity by 13%, proving that you don’t need to be tethered to a desk to get your work done. Part of the reason why teleworking enhances productivity is because it allows employees to focus on getting their work done instead of being distracted in the office with conversation at the water cooler or being exposed to workplace illnesses which can keep employees out for days on end. Teleworking can cut this time significantly, making your employees more productive and valuable to the business.
Morale improves. A recent Forbes article cites that approximately 87% of employees are disengaged at work. This means the bulk of your employees are likely dissatisfied with their job. As a result, you may notice low morale at work. However, recent studies suggest that employers that promote teleworking have employees who are 73% happier with their jobs. Happier and more satisfied employees work harder and contribute more to the bottom line. Talent Puzzle estimates a 10% rise in employee satisfaction can contribute to a 5% rise in productivity. With this kind of output, it’s clear that teleworking can be a game changer for business.
Employers save money. Overhead on a big office can be expensive. Today, there’s no need for bloated overhead costs when employers can simply connect employees digitally. Technology such as video conferencing can allow employees to keep in close contact with one another and share ideas. For hiring, video interviewing can provide the best solution to hire employees whether near or far. These solutions are attractive cost savers for employers who can experience a savings of approximately $11,000 per employee! If a business promotes teleworking and connects 10 employees remotely, this is a cost savings of over $100,000. Could your business use an extra $100,000 in the budget?
Teleworking is a green practice. Many employees are concerned about their environmental footprint. This is why programs like teleworking, ride sharing, and video interviewing are so popular. Employers are able to take more cars off the highway, reducing emissions and environmental impact. With such an obvious benefit to society as a whole, teleworking becomes an even more attractive option for employers.
It can be an attractive benefit. Increasingly, employers are seeking to be competitive with a variety of benefits. One of these is to provide more freedom to employees with teleworking and another is to connect them to a cause higher than just their job. For instance, The Intelligence Group cites that approximately 74% of Millennials want flexible working options. Another 64% say they want to make the world a better place through their job. Teleworking can satisfy both desires and become an attractive benefit to recruit, hire, and retain top talent.
Although Yahoo pulled their team back into the office, it’s clear that teleworking remains an attractive option for employers seeking to save money and position themselves uniquely in the job market. This can enhance employee satisfaction and produce greater results than the traditional model of tethering employees to their office desks. For more great ideas on how to keep your employees connected, contact GreenJobInterview for a free demo.



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