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Recruit fasterThere’s an old saying, “work smarter, not harder.” As innovators in recruiting and HR technology, we embrace this mantra. We know that many recruiters have higher recruiting quotas, lower budgets, and not enough time in the day. This all has added up to employers with longer time to hire. Luckily, we’ve got a solution to help Talent Acquisition recruit faster and smarter. If you’re experiencing recruiting pains, we’ve got the solutions for you.

Recruit Faster and Smarter with HR Technology

In the old days, recruiting could be done off of Excel spreadsheets because businesses didn’t have unfettered access to candidates half a world away. Positions were often advertised in the newspaper and only local candidates applied. Now, job openings are advertised online. Candidates apply to businesses from all over the world and recruiters are able to seriously consider relocation or teleworking. It’s a brave new world. But this change in the hiring process has also produced higher amounts of candidates, delays in scheduling interviews, and sky rocketing expenses that cause budget crunches. If you’re looking to recruit faster and smarter, our HR technology is here to help. Consider the following solutions:
Video interviews. Video interviews are the relief recruiters are seeking. Whether screening hundreds or thousands of applicants or interviewing a candidate across the sea, video interviews allow recruiters to recruit faster and smarter. If seeing is believing, video interviews put candidates face to face with recruiters anywhere in the world. These interactive and immersive interviews allow employers to show off their brand and gain deeper insight into candidates at their convenience. The Talent Acquisition team is able to recruit faster with video interviews than traditional phone screens and in person interviews. They’re also able to save money in expensive travel costs. If you can do 10 video interview screens in the same time as a traditional phone screen, isn’t it worth your time to adopt this HR technology?
Auto scheduling. One of the most frustrating gaps in the interview process is trying to align a hiring manager’s schedule with that of candidates. Consider this another recruiting pain solved! Our video interview technology now features an auto scheduling tool that allows hiring managers and candidates to select mutually open time slots for interviews in real time. Employers are able to recruit faster without the need for Talent Acquisition to step in as a go between. Our smart solution is aimed at making recruiting faster and easier for everyone in the process.
International conferencing. If your team is seeking to connect with candidates overseas, traditional phone solutions aren’t enough. That’s why our video interview platform has added international conferencing capabilities. For a fraction of the cost, Talent Acquisition is able to speak to candidates on multiple continents. This budget friendly feature will allow your team to recruit faster and smarter.
Friendly and proactive customer support. Every recruiting process has gaps in communication. From a candidate’s first application to closing of the requisition, there are many opportunities for employers to stumble in their communications. Many candidates become discouraged because of these gaps and pursue other opportunities. If your Talent Acquisition team is still considering these candidates, you may be forced to start the process anew with a fresh crop of candidates instead. That’s why our proactive Customer Success team is heavily involved in our video interview process. We are able to become a partner with Talent Acquisition and fill in those communication gaps. Once a video interview is scheduled, our friendly staff proactively reaches out to schedule live technology checks. Our team walks candidates through the process, offers tips for giving great video interviews, and shepherds them through the process. This allows your team to recruit faster without having to keep checking in on a candidate before the interview.
We may be biased, but we think that the point of HR technology is to solve recruiters’ problems. Our technology is developed to focus on what matters- letting the recruiter and the candidate tell their stories. If your team is experiencing recruiting pains, it may be time to upgrade your hiring process with video interviews. In no time you’ll be able to recruit faster and smarter.

Catherine Hess is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. Catherine comes to us from the HR world, where she regularly wrote articles about recruiting solutions, talent development, and more. From her position, Catherine seeks to increase awareness of the company and grow the brand. You can connect with Catherine here: