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That’s Amore… Why Candidates Love Video Interviews


Video-InterviewsWhen the screen hits your eye… Mobile devices usage is at an all time high, and it’s not expected to decrease anytime soon. As a recruiter, you have to find the right candidates to fill jobs. That’s not feasible if you don’t go to them. How do you reach the talent pool in the first place? It’s crucial to understand your target. Currently your target loves anything that makes anything more convenient. Traditional interviews are stressful: new place, new people, talking with a stranger… it leaves a lot of room for anxiety. With video interviewing as an alternative however, they can interview from the comfort and sanctity of their own home. In fact, 66% of candidates prefer video interviewing to the traditional face-to-face alternative, and here’s why:

Digital Living

In theory, the internet’s purpose was supposed to be educational. It has since grown to a massive entity, with capabilities far greater than anticipated. Social interaction, schooling, business… you name it, you can do it on the internet nowadays. In January of this year, in the United States alone, 55% of all internet usage was through a mobile device – not a desktop. This shows a trend among mobile users, for mobility. That’s a reason candidates love video interviewing. Video interviewing platforms like GreenJobInterview allow candidates to use their mobile device in the recruiting and interviewing processes.


The Apple, Android, Google, and Windows devices among many, have cameras in the mobile devices. With these mobile devices it makes it easier and convenient to be in a video interview no matter your location. Data services through mobile phones have resulted in the ability for 86% of jobseekers to use their mobile devices for new jobs. It’s because of the increasing all-in-one capabilities of these mobile devices; recruiters can now offer candidates a mobile video interview as an alternative to a desktop interview. Thanks to mobile applications like GreenJobInterview’s Mobile App, they are easy for the recruiters and hiring managers as well.

Preparation to Perfection in Video Interviews

Video interviews give candidates the opportunity to record and re-record their interviews, if they feel inclined to do so, in order to interview at their best. Candidates can practice for a traditional interview, generalizing the questions they can only assume the interviewer will ask. The real intimidation factor of an interview comes from the unknown. That fear affects 92% of candidates at any given point during their interview – however, with One-Way video interviews, candidates can stop, rerecord, and present their best selves, with their best answers, without the interference of nerves.

Time and Flexibility

One-Way video interviews give non-traditional candidates the flexibility they need to interview for a new job. Those who work evening, or third-shift won’t have the time to interview after or during the typical workday, due to altered sleep schedules. This is where video interviewing is flexible with a busy or odd schedule. Nearly 33% of Americans work on the weekend, and they work more hours than any other country on average. With all this time spent in the office, it’s nice to have the capability to interview after a long day, or during what little free time there is on the weekends.

Candidates love video interviewing because it’s one less thing they have to scramble for. Workers scramble in the morning to get ready for the day, scramble at work to get that project done, and scramble at the end of the day to do it all over again.

Video interviews not only provide a better window into the candidate’s fit for the hiring manager, it also eases many trepidations on the candidate’s part. Video interviewing is convenient, causes less anxiety, and gives the talent pool the upper hand with flexibility.

HR professionals can look at the video interviews on their own time, sort them by job, and rank them by fit. GreenJobInterview allows companies to brand their video interview to the employer brand, which helps to ensure the best candidate experience and fit.

GreenJobInterview is the matchmaker between your job openings and the candidates who apply for them. Don’t let the interview get in the way of employment bliss. Give us a call and we’ll set you up.



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A 20-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Greg Rokos provides strategic direction for GreenJobInterview® and is responsible for marketing its video interviewing solutions through client meetings, conferences, speaking engagements and key channel partnerships.