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The Keys to Perfecting Your Employer Brand


Employer BrandInnovative corporate leaders may wonder why their Talent Acquisition professionals seem darn good at their jobs. When we ask them, many say it’s because they found the key to perfecting the company’s employer brand. Take a look at the anatomy of a lock. It seems rather simple, but all of the pieces work so cohesively that a key can be inserted into the lock and it opens the gate, door, window, car, etc. So what’s the key? For our clients, it’s finding a video interviewing platform that suits the organizational hiring needs. Employer branding and the recruitment process can work better together. Integrating video technologies into the hiring and recruiting process can enhance employer branding to work as well as a lock and key. Here’s how to find that perfect process.


The tiny metal springs in a lock are a lot like the hiring managers and recruiters who define and write the job descriptions. They are the ones that set the skills in stone for open positions. No matter how exciting the position, the company’s job descriptions probably need a bit of life added to them and sometimes, they need to be revamped altogether. When a new client company comes on board, we help them define what the organization needs, how they can best describe it and how to bring company culture and team fit into focus with video descriptions. Instead of words on a career page, they can become the script for that first candidate impression. Video can remedy the stale job description and increase job-seeker traffic, not to mention being a boon to career site SEO. Video itself increases site traffic, so it stands to reason that a video job description would raise the number of qualified candidates per open position and woo those who are the closest possible fit culturally and technically. It is estimated that by 2018 video will consume 69% of mobile use alone. What does that mean for desktop use? We can assume an increase there as well.

Set Pins

What about the necessary requirements? Well, set pins function like the prerequisites candidates need to fit before they continue in the hiring process. Every candidate who applies enters the process knowing the base standards needed for the job. Set pins can also work on the employer’s end. The “set pins” of video interviewing for employers are the capabilities to brand the interview. Pairing video interviewing with a company’s assessment process not only gives the hiring managers the ability to tell the candidate about the position at their company; it allows them to SHOW it.  GreenJobInterview allows employers to place their own personal branding on the video, so candidates are further exposed to the company and enter the interview with confidence and a real sense of their potential future employer.

Shear Line

The dream candidate entered their resume into the job opening. It seems like they meet all of the requirements and the hiring manager couldn’t have found a better personality to fit the position. This alignment is like the shear line in a lock. When the set pins and the key pins align with the shear line just right, the user can turn the key to open the lock. Just the same, using video interview can give a better insight to whether a candidate will fit the “lock.” Their resume fits all of the skills and they have the educational background as per the job description, but personalities can’t really shine in a resume. In fact, culture is often a reason why new hires don’t quite fit the position – or the lock – 89% of the time to be exact. Within the first 18 months, an overwhelming majority of new hires fail, but using video interviews to assess a personality fit is the solution to this problem. This is a particular boon to those hiring from a distance, as video interviewing gives everyone on the team the chance to collaborate on the back end and give crucial feedback.

Key Pins

These are the small metal poles that match the groves in the key and the shear line. That’s how each lock is different; the key pins are random in size to fit the key. At the top, they all start in the same spot to match the shear line. The candidate who has the skill set that matches the job description is much like the key pins. They have the appropriate experience and knowledge to turn reading the job description into a job. Candidates are less likely to apply to a position they know they are not qualified for, and they only spend 14.6 seconds reading the job posting to begin with. Video job descriptions and interviews make this much more clear than the traditional media companies tend to use.

Candidates with the right experience, skills, and personality will unlock potential performance. But to find that key, your springs and set pins have to be in place in order to make sure candidates are aware what the job can actually offer them and how they can benefit the company. So use the lock to find the key. The right key will align the key pins to the shear line, allowing the company to turn the page of the hiring process for that position. Most companies assume that video interviewing is out of their reach but solutions exist for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Need a locksmith? We’re here to help. Give us a call for some video interviewing advice.


photo credit: Ruanon via photopin cc

A 20-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Greg Rokos provides strategic direction for GreenJobInterview® and is responsible for marketing its video interviewing solutions through client meetings, conferences, speaking engagements and key channel partnerships.