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Anita Quicoli


Anita Quicoli, CPA, is the controller at GreenJobInterview®, where she manages day-to-day operations and will lead growth and expansion for the company. Prior to GreenJobInterview®, Anita worked at The New Home Company, where she managed finance and accounting of the company’s Fee Build Division. Under Anita’s direction, the company successfully implemented internal controls over accounting and reporting, and the divisional revenue experienced 60% growth to $150 million. Prior to this, Anita worked at Telogis, where she was the revenue and reporting manager. In her five years at Telogis, the company experienced significant growth, successfully acquired the customer base of six companies, and raised $93 million from Kleiner Perkins. Anita began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Entertainment Media and Technology Group, where she spent five years auditing software and technology clients.

Anita earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Management Economics from University California Santa Cruz and is a California certified public accountant.