Candidate Support

Welcome candidates! Below you can find video interview help prior to your big interview.  If you need further assistance than what we’ve provided, please contact our support team.


GreenJobInterview live

Live face-to-face video interviews with one or more hiring managers.

What if I don't have a webcam?

If you don’t have a webcam, please alert your scheduler.  GreenJobInterview can arrange to ship out a webcam to you prior to your video interview.  When you receive the camera, our customer support team will help you set it up and check to make sure your technology is working.

Help I missed my tech check!

GreenJobInterview can reschedule a live tech check to ensure you’re prepared for your video interview.  Please call us at (888) 838-8331 and we can reschedule your live tech check.

How do I set up my webcam?

Some laptops and computers already have a built in webcam.  If this is the case, you need only to turn on your webcam.  If you have an external webcam, these can be plugged into any USB port on the side of your PC or MAC computer.  The USB port is a rectangular narrow slot.  Align the smooth flat part of the plug with the USB port to install your webcam.  

How do I log in for my interview?

Your initial video interview invite will provide a customized link for you to connect to your live video interview.  Please log on a few minutes early to ensure your connection is working properly.  If you cannot connect, please call our support team at (888) 838-8331 and our tech team will walk you through the process.  

Help, I can't hear the interviewer!

GreenJobInterview uses telephone support to ensure reliable and familiar audio transmission. Please check the audio settings on your device.

Help, I can't see myself!

Verify that your webcam is turned on. If you’re using Google Chrome, allow access to your web browser by clicking “allow” at the top of the web page. Check that your Adobe Flash Player settings are using the right webcam.  Click on the settings in the right corner and click “Change Camera.” Select the correct camera, save, and close the popup.

GreenJobInterview One Way

One- way recordable asynchronous video interviews on demand.

Do I need to download software for my video interview?

No, our system is 100% browser- based.  All you will  need is a high- speed internet connection and a webcam.  You may use a built in webcam, an external webcam or a mobile device.  If you would like to use a mobile device, please select the appropriate GreenJob One-Way™ App at the iOS or GooglePlay store.

What if I don't have a webcam?

No webcam, no problem!  Do you happen to have a mobile device with a webcam? GreenJob One-Way™ allows candidates the flexibility to download our app and use your iPad, iPhone or other tablet or smart phone. If you do not possess a smart phone and need a webcam shipped to you, please contact your hiring manager.  Your hiring manager can order a webcam be shipped to you in time for your interview.  Our Customer Success Managers can reschedule your interview if needed to ensure you receive your webcam and complete a “Live Tech Check.”

What is an Auto Tech Check?

Your video interview experience is important to us!  This is why we’ve created a feature we call Auto Tech Check.  An Auto Tech Check is a necessary step to test your internet connection, webcam, and audio settings.  It also gives you an opportunity to practice prior to recording your video interview. Please perform your Auto Tech Check in a quiet room with great lighting.  Remember to speak loud and clear! Once you have practiced with the technology and have taken your practice questions, you’re ready to complete your video interview.

Will I be able to practice before my video interview?

Yes! As a part of the Auto Tech Check, you will have an opportunity to take practice questions and get comfortable with the video interview technology. Once you have practiced, you’re ready to start your video interview!

How do I set up my webcam?

If your device has a webcam built in, please turn it on.  For external devices, please plug the cord into an open USB port on your PC or MAC. The USB port is a narrow rectangular slot.  Align the smooth part of the plug with the USB port for proper fit.

How do I log in for my recorded interview?

You will receive an email from the company inviting you to record a video interview.  In this email, you will find a customized link with your interview details.  Please click on this link to log in and record your video interview.

Help, I can't see myself!

Check to see that your camera is installed and turned on. Please close down all web browsers.  Check to see if your webcam is streaming to another device.  If it is, it cannot stream at two locations simultaneously. If you have multiple webcam drivers installed on your machine, please right click on your screen.  Go to settings and select the webcam icon. Look at the dropdown selections and click on the webcams listed until you see your image.  Then close the pop up. If you need further assistance, please call our Customer Success Team at (888) 838-8331 or email us at  

Help, I can't hear myself!

Many devices have multiple microphone settings.  Please select the proper microphone during your Auto Tech Check and test the playback to confirm you can hear yourself.  To choose another microphone, right click on your screen and click on the microphone icon.  Pick another microphone under the Adobe Flash Player settings. If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Success team at (888) 838-8331 or email us at  

GreenJobInterview Mobile

Live and one-way video interviews available through iOS and Android apps.

How much space is required to install a video interviewing app?

Depending on your mobile platform, GreenJobInterview’s apps could take between 7- 40 MB of space.

How do I connect to my video interview?

To connect to your live or on demand interview from a mobile device, you first need to download an app.  These apps are available for free from the iOS and Android app stores. Once you have downloaded your video interview app, please close all other mobile apps.  You will join your interview from the link in your email invitation.  Please click the link and follow the simple steps to connect.

Video interview tips

1. Test your internet connection.

2. Familiarize yourself with the software before your video interview.

3. Choose a well lit and quiet place to conduct your video interview.

4. Dress to impress! Your interviewer will see your clothing on camera.

5. Face the camera and position yourself within the webcam's frame.

6. Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice, the better your video interview!

7. Make sure no other programs are open during your video interview. Avoid distractions and potential disruptions to your interview.

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