Hiring Manager Support

In today’s world, great candidates often get snatched up quickly.  With GreenJobInterview, slow interview processes, calendar conflicts and scheduling issues are now in the past!  Your dedicated Customer Support Manager will train you to use our easy to use software, but you may also find answers to your questions here.  For immediate support, please email us:

email supportSupport@greenjobinterview.com

GreenJobInterview live

Live video interviews with candidates.

How do I log in for my interview?

You will receive an email invite  which includes a unique link to log into your live video interview.  Click on the link and follow the instructions to join your live video interview.  Please log in a few minutes early to ensure you’re able to connect.  If you cannot get into your interview, please contact our Customer Success team at (888) 838-8331 or email us at Support@greenjobinterview.com

I can't hear the candidate!

GreenJobInterview uses telephone support to ensure reliable and familiar audio transmission. Please check the audio settings on your device.  If they are functioning properly, it could be a problem on the candidate’s side.  Please reach out to Support@greenjobinterview.com or call (888) 838-8331 for technical help.

I can't see myself!

Is your webcam turned on?  Please check the webcam status to ensure multiple devices are not conflicting. Check that your Adobe Flash Player settings are connected to the right webcam.  Right click on the settings in Adobe Flash Player and select “Change Camera.” Select the camera you would like to use and save the settings. For further help, please call us at (888) 838-8331 or email us at Support@greenjobinterview.com

GreenJobInterview One Way

Candidate recorded video interviews on demand.

How do I log in and review my candidate's recorded interview?

Please log into your account using the account information that your scheduler has provided.  Once logged in, click on Manage One-Ways.  Search by position and select the candidate from the drop down menu.

How do I share my candidate's recorded interview?

From the candidate’s profile, select the “Share” button.  You will have an opportunity to select previous representatives or add new representatives’ contact information.  Once complete, save your changes.

Help, I can't see my candidate!

If you cannot find your candidate in your pipeline, it is possible your Administrator did not share your candidate with you yet.  If the candidate is in your pipeline but you cannot see the image on screen, it is likely a technical issue on the candidate’s end.  Please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager at (888) 838-8331 to resend an invite to a video interview on demand.

Help, I can't hear my candidate!

Please inspect your audio settings on your device.  If your audio is turned up fully, it is possible your candidate may have had trouble recording their video interview and did not reach out to Support for assistance.  Please contact your Customer Success Manager at (888) 838-8331 and they can resend your candidate an invite to record a video interview on demand.

GreenJobInterview Mobile

Live and on demand video interviews on the go.

How much space is required to install a video interviewing app?

Depending on your mobile platform, GreenJobInterview’s apps could take between 7- 40 MB of space.

How do I connect to my video interview?

When you’re interviewing on the go, connecting is as simple as downloading an app from the app store.  Once you have downloaded your app, please shut it and the rest of your apps down.  Please open the link in your email invitation you received from the scheduler.  Select the join interview button and follow the simple instructions.

Can I manage candidates from the mobile app?

Yes, you’re able to perform every candidate management function remotely.  Work flows will be the same as connecting on your laptop or desktop computer.

GreenJob Mobile

If you are a new hiring manager, please contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager to schedule a live training on our easy to use software.  (888) 838-8331