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The Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing


Hire Smarter with Video Interviewing

Did you know that 85% of hiring managers say video interviewing is more effective than traditional interviewing methods?  What if you could use this knowledge to save time, save money, and hire smarter?  What if you could save enough money to reinvest into your HR and recruiting methods twice over?  Would such a return on investment make it worth your while to investigate further?

GreenJobInterview’s comprehensive and complete interview guide is 45 pages of knowledge, research, and tips to improve your recruiting and hiring process.  This data has been compiled directly from clients in addition to our own experience within the industry.  This is required reading for anyone seeking to evaluate their hiring process this year.

What’s in it for you:

  • Why you should choose video interviewing
  • Improved video interviewing techniques
  • Real-life examples of how video interviewing has helped others
  • How to budget your time and money to cut hiring costs
  • Video interviewing best practices
  • Unique advantages and benefits to video interviewing
A 20-year veteran of the recruiting industry, Greg Rokos provides strategic direction for GreenJobInterview® and is responsible for marketing its video interviewing solutions through client meetings, conferences, speaking engagements and key channel partnerships.