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The Top Reasons Candidates Want to Change Jobs


The Top Reasons Candidates Want to Change Jobs

Most recruiters and employers agree that it’s a candidate-driven job market. With more and more millennials entering the job market, turnover rates have increased for some positions, but one study reported that recruiters believe newly created positions are the number one reason for America’s job openings, followed closely by vacancies from resignation. What causes these vacancies? The top reasons candidates want to change jobs may already be apparent to the experienced recruiter, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop to examine the reasons employees leave for new opportunities and find solutions to higher turnover within your organization.

Why do Candidates Change Jobs?

According to the same study by MRI Network, these are the top reasons candidates want to change jobs.

72% of candidates state advancement opportunities as the top reason why they would change jobs. There comes a point for many employees when they may not have any other advancement opportunities at their organization. In these cases, they’ll either leave for another organization that offers an advanced position or it will be up to the organization to renegotiate with the employee to encourage them to stay. Organizations’ willingness to negotiate contracts, pay and benefits and create new, more advanced positions for these types of employees will be able to reduce turnover and keep their best employees, which also improves employee engagement. If you are recruiting a candidate who is leaving their job for a better opportunity, be clear that the job is an improvement from their current status.

57% of candidates would leave their job for one with better compensation packages. It’s a money-driven world, so it’s no surprise that employees leaves their jobs when there are no opportunities for a raise or other perks. In order to reduce turnover, especially among top employees, it’s important to consistently recognize employees for great work and reward them accordingly. Understandably, it’s not always easy to reward employees increased salaries, but it’s important to consider it for employees who threaten to leave for a better compensation package elsewhere. Alternatively, if you’re interviewing someone who is leaving their current role in search of better compensation, be up front about their expectations and what you can reasonably offer them.

48% of candidates say that a better company culture would drive their decision to change jobs. Company culture has become a more prominent reason why employees change jobs. Organizations should work to continually improve company culture and create a positive work environment, but it may not always be a good fit. Companies seeking to recruit new candidates would benefit from maintaining their careers page and emphasizing the company’s culture in order to attract the right applicants. During the interview process, utilize video interview opportunities to share recruiting videos and demonstrate the company culture in order to improve the candidate experience.

47% of candidates believe that they’d leave their current job for a better work-life balance. More and more workers are concerned with their work-life balance. Millennials, for example, look for jobs with an ideal work-life balance, so they will be quick to find a new job is they aren’t satisfied with the commitment required. For the sake of employee engagement, morale and overall positivity, organizations should encourage an acceptable work-life balance that doesn’t make employees feel overworked. A positive work-life balance is a great way to gain a competitive advantage in the market and can contribute to the company culture you express to candidates during the hiring process.

While these aren’t new problems in hiring, many of them have become more prominent with more millennials int he job market. Utilize video interviews at every stage of the hiring process to keep candidates engaged and utilize the opportunity to share videos and content that will help win over the top talent and address the reasons they are leaving their current job.


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