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What Makes a Good Recruitment Video?


What Makes a Good Recruitment Video?

Every organization seeking to making hiring a priority needs a solid recruitment video. That doesn’t mean it has to be fancy or use a million-dollar budget. Today’s technology makes it very simple to create videos that are professional and well-edited. More importantly though, a good recruitment video is a necessity for capturing the attention of top talent and passive candidates. It should be prominently displayed anywhere you post job listings or anywhere you direct candidates to visit. In many cases, a good recruitment video could make or break whether or not a job seekers applies for a position in your organization. It should be able to tell job seekers what the organization does, who the typical employee is, why they should want to work there and what type of company culture they can expect as an employee.

What goes into making a good recruitment video?

1. Proper Equipment - First and foremost, you’ll need video recording equipment. The bright side is the average webcam with the right lighting can produce a good enough video, but consider renting a high quality DSLR, tripod and other equipment for a couple days to create the video. Many editing softwares like iMove or Windows Media Player come pre-downloaded on your machine. Invest in the equipment that you can, and use what you have access to in order to stay on budget.

2. Employee Testimonials - Studies show that people trust content shared by employees of a company more than that shared by its CEO. As a general rule, employee testimonials are extremely valuable and will be more effective for persuading candidates than messages from company leaders. Ask several employees to be on camera for very short testimonials about their experience at the organization, and include their title on the screen. These testimonials are possibly the most valuable part of the recruitment video.

3. Short and Sweet - Always keep it short. Americans’ attentions spans have reduced significantly over the years, and a 2015 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information determined that the average length of a time Americans watched a video was 2 minutes, 42 seconds. For a recruitment video, keep it under 5 minutes if you want to keep your audience’s attention.

4. In-Office Shots - If you feel more skilled with video and editing or are utilizing outside resources, consider shooting b-roll of the office environment to play alongside testimonial audio or general company information. Showing what the office is like on an average day may give potential job seekers an idea of what to expect.

5. Message from Management - While employee testimonials are more important, it’s still beneficial to include a short message from a top company leader. If you are making multiple videos based on the department (which would be a valuable hiring tool), including a message from a department head in each video would help sell the company to targeted groups. Otherwise, a message from the company’s president or CEO would be ideal.

Uses for Recruitment Videos

Once you have a video, what do you do with it?

1. Careers Page - First of all, a recruitment video should always be visible from the company’s careers page or website. Because this is the main hub of information for job seekers, the video should be front-and-center and easy to locate.

2. Video Interview Greeting - When using recorded video interviews, a company recruitment video is best used as a greeting for applicants. Before they record their video, they’ll view the message from the company, which ensures that more people watch it and applicants understand what they’re working toward. Similarly, the recruitment video can be displaying on virtual waiting room pages before candidates enter the main virtual meeting room for a live virtual interview. The video, along with other company information, gives the candidates something to review while they wait for the interview to begin.

3. Job Boards - Because this is where many applicants will find job listings, including a link to review the company recruitment video could help sway job seekers to apply if they think it’s a good fit.

4. Social Media - A good recruitment video could be valuable on all social media platforms. Of course, it should be uploaded to a company YouTube account, but recruiters can also leverage the video on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, either within posts about jobs or as a link in the company bio.

Every organization’s recruitment video will be different, but candidates all want the same thing. Before they apply for a job or begin participating in the interview process, candidates want to quickly understand what the company does, what the work environment is like and how the company’s employees feel about their jobs. The more you can fit into a short 5-minutes video, the better. Think about it from the candidate’s perspective, and you will be able to create a good recruitment video  that will capture their attention.

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