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Hiring Manager Tips for Nailing a Video Interview


Hiring Manager Tips for Nailing a Video Interview

Video interviews are quickly becoming the new normal for various organization around the world, especially those that embrace remote workers and international workers. We’ve proven that they can save talent acquisition teams millions of dollars in both time and travel costs, and they streamline hiring processes to ensure recruiters jobs become easier, not harder.

While they are common for many workers who may participate in video interviews during their job search process, hiring managers and recruiters may not be as familiar with participating in a video interview if their organization has not used them before. While there are thousands of articles that teach job seekers “how to ace a job interview,” there aren’t many centered around the professionals doing the interviewing. Any interviewer can appreciate our hiring managers tips for nailing a video interview and beginning to feel comfortable in front of a webcam, all while searching for the best candidate to fill your job openings.

The Best Tips for Nailing a Video Interview:

1. Move the video feed just below the webcam for proper eye contact. Moving the windows on your computer around so that the candidate is positioned just below the webcam will make easier for you to maintain eye contact. Otherwise, you spend too much time looking away from the camera when watching the candidate’s interview responses.

2. Do a test beforehand. Here at GreenJobInterview, we offer Success Checks for hiring managers and candidates to ensure that your machine is working properly before an interview. Because it’s the first time for many users, this step reduces the possibility of technical difficulties significantly and it doesn’t take more than five minutes to complete. This way, you know how to use the platform rather than having to “wing it” for the interview. After all, that doesn’t present a good impression to the candidate!

3. Wear headphones or use speaker phone. Depending on how you plan to join interview audio, you may want to use a set of headphones or place your phone on speaker in order to hear well and prevent echo. If using built-in computer audio or VoIP, using headphones or a headset will prevent echo and allow you to speak and hear clearly. If using a phone to call the candidate directly or join a conference call, place the phone on speaker mode so that you don’t have to hold the phone throughout the interview and can focus on the candidate.

4. Note the lighting. No matter where you’re interviewing a candidate – whether it’s an office, your home, a coffee shop or a train – you should note where the light comes from. Windows should be in front of you, not behind you, otherwise blinds should be closed. Point lamps toward your face so that the webcam can see you clearly without bad backlighting or overwhelming shadows. You should be able to see each other clearly when on camera in order to get the most out of the experience.

5. Remember to mute. Just like an in-person meeting, distractions are rude. Silence your phone, close out of email and put all other devices out of sight so that you can focus on the interview without notifications causing distractions.

6. Turn off screen savers. Because you will likely be idle while speaking with a candidate, your machine may default into screen saver mode after inactivity. This may log you out of the video interview platform and disconnect you from the candidate. To avoid interruption, turn screen savers off or remember to jiggle the computer mouse occasionally to keep the screen active.

These are the tips that will get you started so that you can nail your video interview and give candidates a positive experience! Although the first interview may make you nervous, you’ll feel like a pro when it’s time to schedule the second one.

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