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Hire for Remote Work as a Skill


Hire for Remote Work as a Skill

As remote work continues to grow in the US, it’s important that recruiters understand it and, more important, understand how to hire for remote work as a skill. After all, working remotely is not for everyone, and just because a candidate is open to it doesn’t mean that he or she has the skills needed to be successful. Hiring remote workers has many advantages, but perhaps the most important is how it helps the business grow. In addition to reducing some overhead costs and keeping employee turnover lower, research shows that 82% of remote workers reported lower stress levels, making them happier and leading to much higher employee engagement, and they tend to be more efficient and productive thanks to fewer workplace distractions and the elimination of a daily commute.

The question remains; how do you know you’re hiring someone who is actually good at working remotely?

Through careful screening and well researched interview questions, you can truly hire for remote work as a skill and be sure that you’re making the right hiring decision for your organization.

How to Verify Candidates can Excel Remotely

1. Do they have previous work-from-home experience? Because telecommuting is more common these days, it’s beneficial to know if your candidates have worked from home or telecommuted for their previous jobs. If they’ve successfully done it before, that may be a good sign. This is a great text question to ask in a One-Way recorded interview so that you can quickly wade through which candidates have previous remote work experience.

2. How well can they communicate? Based on your review of their recorded video interview response, you may be able to quickly determine their cultural fit and their ability to communicate well. Do they get their point across quickly? Do they have an open personality that makes communication clear? If you’re still not sure, schedule a live virtual interview to speak with them one-on-one and determine how well they can communicate, especially if they need assistance with a project.

3. What are their reasons for wanting to work remotely? You may be curious to know why your candidates want to work remotely, so be sure to ask them. While there’s no right or wrong answer to the question, it may be helpful to learn more about your candidates and why a remote job is ideal for them and their life.

4. Can they work independently and without supervision? Remote workers need to be somewhat self-sufficient. Although they do have a supervisor, it’s a much different relationship than having someone who can stop by your desk whenever they feel like it. Based on their previous experience and how they describe their skills during an interview, do you feel that they can complete the work independently? It’s also important to trust that the candidate will not feel disconnected from their coworkers or the company by working remotely. Remote work may not always be the answer to highly social workers who enjoy the bustle of an office.

5. Are they the type of person to take initiative? Does their experience and overall personality lead you to believe they can make decisions independently and get their work done successfully? Based on how candidates describe their previous work experience and professional situations, you can determine if they will be a good fit for remote work. Because they will not have an on-site supervisor, they need to be trusted to complete their work. You may be able to pull this information out of candidates with questions about projects they’ve worked on previously.

When you’ve gone through all of the necessary screening and interviewing with candidates, you’ll have a better understanding of which candidates could be a great fit for remote work. Meet with them through video interviews, and it’ll be more clear how well they can communicate virtually rather than relying solely on in-person communication. Remote work is a valuable skill, and as the workforce changes, more and more organizations will be searching for exceptional remote workers.

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