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Building Company Culture Virtually


Building Company Culture Virtually

When most people think of company culture, they probably think of things like about company events and work flexibility, but there’s so much more to company culture than playing games with coworkers in the break room. While these activities may help bond office employees and encourage engagement, it doesn’t do anything to include the entire company’s workforce, including remote employees, and unite them in a specific culture. Building company culture virtually may be more challenging, but it’s definitely possible, and with more and more employees telecommuting, it’s necessary.

Gallup reported in 2015 that about 37% of workers telecommute to some extent, and for some of those workers, home is their primary office. It’s up to organizations to find ways to include those remote individuals into the overall company culture and build their company culture virtually in order to maintain a happy, engaged workforce that communicates well together.

How to Build Culture with a Virtual Workforce

Video Meetings - Any meeting that include virtual employees should also involve video. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse not to incorporate video into meetings with virtual participants, and it gives remote employees the level of inclusion needed to fully participate in meetings. It’s proven to be a better source of communication, and it helps participants to build relationships even if they cannot be in the office together.

Internal Communication Platforms - In addition to encouraging the use of video for all meetings, giving employees access to internal chat software makes it easier for them to communicate. Virtual instant messaging applications can allow remote workers to be part of the conversation at “the water cooler” and stay up-to-date about what’s happening within the company and with their coworkers. While it should be used for work, it should also be for quick chats so that remote workers do not feel completely disconnected from coworker relationships.

In-Person Events - Be sure to invite remote employees to any in-person events the company plans so that they feel included and have opportunities to meet other staff in person. This will help spread the culture and make remote employees more comfortable and happy. Company events are a great way to build engagement among employees by getting together and doing something fun as a group, such as company barbecues, off-site activities or even sporting events. For example, some organizations plan yearly events for the whole company where every employee is invited to attend and travel is paid for the by company.

Recognition Programs - Virtual employees should always be included in recognition opportunities, even if they cannot attend related internal events. An important aspect of every company culture is employee feedback and recognition for excellent performance.

If you make every effort to enhance communication between remote employees and in-office employees, you’ll see the company culture spread and increase employee engagement, resulting in a happier and more productive workforce.

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