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Note the Key Metrics of Candidate Experience


Note the Key Metrics of Candidate Experience

It’s no secret that a positive candidate experience is the key to a successful recruiting process. Because a negative experience can drastically impact your brand thanks to candidates’ online reviews and word of mouth, it’s important to note the key metrics of candidate experience and how to influence it.

There are a few key indicators of your organization’s candidate experience, and monitoring these metrics will help you maintain a positive candidate experience. Ultimately, this will make your job easier and ensure candidates are happy with the organization, keeping them invested in the hiring process. Candidate experience is a factor that can affect all other aspects of your organization’s hiring needs, including employer brand, revenue, time to fill and more.

Monitor these Key Candidate Experience Metrics

Response Time - Always make a point to respond quickly to candidate concerns, and whenever possible, take steps to keep candidates informed of their interview or hiring status. Most candidates understand that the process can be lengthy, but a lack of response will give them a negative impression of the brand and may lead them to share that negative impression with others, hurting your employer brand. It’s also vital to stay responsive in order to prevent candidates from leaving the process for another organization.

Application Drop-off - During the application process, it’s just as important to keep candidates interested. If the process is too long, you may risk losing quality candidates and impacting their experience negatively. Monitor drop-off rates for online applications to ensure you have high completion rates and continue to measure drop-off rates for other areas of the process, such as between a first and second interview.

Survey Results - The best way to truly gauge how candidates feel about the organization during various stages of the hiring process is to ask. Post-application, direct users to a survey form to share their feedback. After completing a live virtual interview, you can also automatically redirect candidates to an online form to share their feedback on the experience. Use candidates’ responses to tweak the process to improve candidate experience, and you’ll find that candidates are very happy to share their opinions.

In order to maintain a positive candidate experience during all interview stages, live video interviews keep candidates highly engaged and are easy to schedule anytime in order to keep talent warm. Use them as a technique to connect with candidates between live meetings or as a preliminary interview with decision makers. Similarly, recorded video interviews are an excellent tool for boosting candidate experience because they allow applicants to be more personable and share specific responses rather than simply a resume and cover letter. Video not only helps add value and context to traditional resumes for recruiters but it gives candidates the chance to tell their story, an opportunity that many organizations do not give to candidates during the screening stage.

No matter how you do it, taking steps to monitor candidate experience in your organization and consistently work to improve it will benefit the organization’s hiring initiatives.

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