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5 Ways to Improve your Interview Process


5 Ways to Improve your Interview Process

Every process has room for improvement, and your interview process is no different. Because nothing is perfect and trends are constantly changing, you can always make time to improve your interview process in small ways and large ways to recruit higher quality talent and hire more talent employees.

With a few tips that involve incorporating new technologies, setting reminders for yourself and communicating with hiring managers, you can build upon your existing hiring process but make necessary improvements to increase its effectiveness and even make your job easier.

Tips to Improve your Hiring Process

1. Video Screening - Before you even get to the one-on-one interview, screen candidates more efficiently with recorded video interviews that allow you to ask applicants a specified list of questions and review their video responses whenever you have the time. This gives reviewers a better view of the candidates from the very beginning, so you can use video recordings to screen them at the same time you review their resume, as a replacement for a phone screen or to further narrow down the pool prior to scheduling interviews.

2. Skill Tests - Using either recorded video interviews or other tools, try asking candidates to participate in skills tests to be sure you’re making well-informed hiring decisions every time. By asking candidates for writing samples, requesting they participate in a mock session, requiring them to prepare a pitch or other type of test, these opportunities help recruiters and hiring managers properly screen candidates, and they allow candidates the opportunity to prove themselves earlier in the process.

3. Consistent Communication - Vowing to maintain more consistent communication with candidates and hiring managers will go a long way toward helping you manage your projects and keep the candidate experience positive. Candidates appreciate feeling informed, and checking in with them occasionally while waiting for the next step in the process will help you retain top talent and build better relationships with them.

4. Virtual Interviews - When it comes time to interview candidates as a panel or one-on-one, incorporating live virtual interviews will help you interview long-distance candidates more effectively, save time and money for your organization and support the candidate experience. Whether you use virtual interviews for preliminary interviews, main interviews with hiring managers or follow-up interviews, they can be useful for connecting with candidates anywhere, on any device, no matter where in the world participants are located.

5. Timely Follow-up - One last way to improve your hiring process is by following up with candidates in a timely manner. This type of behavior benefits your candidate experience and employer brand, and staying connected with candidates helps to ensure you do not lose the best prospects. In order to increase the chances of a job offer being accepted, be sure to follow up with candidates post-interview with updates as well as to request feedback.

Trying out new tools or techniques in your hiring process may help you improve its efficiency and even make a better impression on candidates. Tools like video interviews are designed to make the process easier for all participants and improve efficiency for the organization so it saves money and resources. You can’t put a price on things like candidate experience and employer brand that impact your organization’s reputation as a hiring organization, so making every effort to put candidates first will also help improve your process in the long run.

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