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How and Why to Test Candidates’ Skills before an Interview


How and Why to Test Candidates' Skills before an Interview

When it comes to applicant screening, you could have great talent hiding in a large pile of resumes and applications. While receiving a lot of applications is a positive scenario, it can be overwhelming, and when some less skilled applicants are hiding behind well-padded resumes, it’s difficult to know which candidates deserve a one-on-one interview. Because you and your hiring managers have limited time, you obviously can’t interview everyone, which is why it’s beneficial to test candidates’ skills before an interview.

Why to Test Candidates’ Skills Before an Interview

One study found that employees who were hired with job testing stayed 15% longer in their positions than those hired without testing.

Here are a few of the reasons why to test candidates’ skills before an interview:

  • Exaggerations - Unfortunately many job seekers do exaggerate on their resumes, and some outright lie. Just because someone says they have a certain type of experience doesn’t always mean they do, so testing those skills allows you to wade through those who can and those who can’t. Job seekers who are exaggerating their skills or experience won’t expect you to check it during the screening stage, so it’s the perfect time to weed out ineligible applicants.
  • Reduces Bad Hires – The better your screening process, the less likely it is that your team will make a mistake and hire an unqualified employee who won’t last long, bringing down your organization’s productivity levels and increasing turnover. Rather than rehiring six months later, take the time needed to hire the right candidate by testing their skills when screening them.
  • Gives Top Candidates more Exposure – When you’re putting top candidates in front of hiring managers, you only want to share the best of the best. Taking the time and necessary measures to remove unqualified candidates means that the qualified candidates receive more opportunities with a one-on-one interview.
  • Reduces Wasted Time – Similarly, you don’t want to waste your valuable time on candidates that don’t truly have the skills needed to do the job well. Interviewing them one-on-one wastes everyone’s time, so screening them efficiently with testing ends up saving you a lot of time and energy.

How to Test Candidates’ Skills

While there are pre-employment tests to provide applicants, you can actually test candidates’ skills with recorded video interviews. Once you’ve vetted applicants’ resumes, simply invite the top applicants to participate in a One-Way video interview, where they’ll respond to your specified questions through a mixture of text and video responses.

Use video response questions to ask candidates to act out mock situations, demonstrate specific activities, answer test-like questions and more to verify their knowledge of required subjects or their skill level. With GreenJobInterview, you can also allow candidates to upload documents or provide links to answer some questions, which may be used to verify skills or experience.

This type of pre-employment (and pre-interview!) testing allows you to screen candidates by watching video responses, so you don’t need to speak with candidates one-on-one until you’ve verified their responses and judged their skill levels. This strategy saves you time during the hiring process, allows you to interview only the top talent and get to know candidates better in order to make more informed hiring decisions.

How else would you test applicants’ skills prior to employment?

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