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Mobile Recruiting Must-Haves


Mobile Recruiting Must-Haves

In 2017, all companies should be mobile optimizing every aspect of their businesses.

According to LinkedIn infographic, the most common reason professionals say they’ve use a mobile device for job-related tasks is to view a company’s career website. At least 72% of active candidates viewed a company careers page on their mobile device, and 62% of passive candidates did the same. Secondly, 64% of active candidates and 58% of passive candidates browse for career opportunities on social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

With the majority of candidates – both active and passive – using their mobile devices to frequently view career pages, browse opportunities and even apply for a job or upload their resume, it’s extremely important that talent acquisition teams ensure their recruiting and hiring processes are mobile optimized. Unfortunately, there’s a huge disconnect. Less than a quarter of recruiting leaders say that they’ve invested in mobile-friendly recruiting, launched mobile-optimized career sites or optimized job posts for mobile consumption. That’s why organizations need to update their strategies to include mobile recruiting must-haves, or they’ll find that they miss out on a lot of opportunities with job seekers who rely heavily on their mobile devices (as many people do these days).

Make sure you incorporate these mobile-recruiting must-haves into your talent acquisition strategy:

  • Mobile-Optimized Careers Page - Whether it’s a page on a company website or a dedicated website, a careers page is a reflection of the company. It should be mobile-optimized to appear attractive on a phone or tablet, and job descriptions should be easy to find and read. If candidates, especially passive ones, stumble upon a website that doesn’t look right on their mobile device, they may not come back, so take advantage of the traffic and get it right the first time.
  • Mobile-Friendly Applications - As job seekers browse for new job openings through the company website, job posting sites, social media or other avenues, make sure they can apply from their mobile device. If a job seeker stumbles on an opportunity that interests them but cannot apply using their mobile device, they may not choose to come back to complete their application on a laptop or desktop. By ensuring candidates can fill out questions and upload their resume or link to their resume from their mobile device, recruiters can increase the number of applications they’ll receive.
  • Social Recruiting - In recent years, more and more recruiters are connecting with candidates through social media and creating dedicated careers accounts to keep both active and passive job seekers up-to-date. This is the ideal way to capture job seekers’ attention without seeming desperate, and since many people simply scroll through their news feeds to read the information, a well-timed job posting may be the push they need to apply. Learn how to properly use social media to recruit candidates and keep them informed of new opportunities.
  • Text Messages - Job seekers’ inboxes are already cluttered, and it’s easy for them to miss or ignore emails about new opportunities. Utilize text message notifications to keep them notified of opportunities or updates about their application. For example, GreenJobInterview allows you to send candidates SMS notifications about interview invitations to ensure candidates always receive their invitations and stay up-to-date with their status.
  • Mobile Video Interviews – When inviting candidates to video interviews, including recorded video interviews, it’s important to give them the option to use their mobile device to participate in the meeting. The GreenJob Live and GreenJob One-Way apps make it easy for candidates as well as hiring managers to join an interview with their phone or tablet for maximum convenience.

These are just a few of the most common and most important ways organizations can create a more mobile-friendly recruiting process for candidates, maximizing the number of applications they can receive and building a more positive candidate experience. Because such a a large percentage of the workforce use their mobile devices for researching work opportunities, it’s time for companies to incorporate these must-haves to elevate their position in the job market.


Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: