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5 Ways to Bring Positivity into the Workplace


5 Ways to Bring Positivity into the Workplace

Over the past decade, the perception of jobs have changed. More and more employees are quick to leave a company if they are not satisfied with the company culture or work environment, which puts more pressure on companies that want to maintain their employees and keep turnover low. While every employee may have their own opinions about what constitutes an ideal environment, most would agree it helps to bring positivity into the workplace.

Organizations that stress positivity and strive to create positive internal practices will have employees who are happier, more engaged and more productive, ultimately resulting in lower turnover.

How to Bring Positivity into the Workplace & Improve Engagement

1. Practice Thankfulness & Recognition - One way to create a more positive workplace is to practice thankfulness with employees and recognize good behavior or achievements. Something as simple as thanking employees for hard work is certainly enough to improve morale, but they’ll also appreciate recognition and incentive programs. According to some studies, companies that use strategic recognition are 48% more likely to report high engagement, and when asked what leaders could do to improve engagement, 58% of those studied responded with “give recognition.” Whether it’s monetary-based recognition, reward-based programs or just a simple “thank you,” employers will likely see higher employee engagement.

2. Company Pride - Building a proud company culture and a brand that employees can be proud of encourages them to work hard and stay dedicated to the company. Activities like company sporting teams, internal events, contests, etc. that are based around the brand itself help build pride. Similarly, companies that encourage employees to get involved in the community or that make donations to charities give their employees a sense of pride in the company they work for because they’re proud of what the company is doing.

3. Feedback - Without communication, it’s difficult for teams to make progress. Having a company culture built on feedback will bring positivity into the workplace through more consistent communication. Although feedback is not always positive, it’s necessary in order to maintain communication. More importantly, positive feedback reinforces good behavior and reminds employees that they’re valued and their good work does not go unnoticed. In the end, feedback keeps employees feeling positive about their work and about the company.

4. Mentoring & Training - Companies can use mentoring and training as opportunities to boost positivity by helping employees excel. Employees enjoy their jobs more when they feel they understand the job better and do not struggle to complete their work. Specifically, new employees can benefit from mentoring and training to help them feel positive about the organization and begin the job with solid training and understanding.

5. Create a Comfortable Environment - Having plants, comfortable office furniture, a designated break area, optimum lighting and necessary office equipment make for a more comfortable office environment. Employees who feel comfortable at work will ultimately be more engaged and feel more positive about their work. Positivity can also come from things like office attire, office decor and more.

Utilize technology in your organization to improve the environment, optimize hiring practices with video interviews, and ensure you’re making the right hire for your company culture. You can also use video in other ways to improve communication, which is proven to help build a more functional workplace.


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