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5 Tips for Making the Most out of Recorded Video Interviews


5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Recorded Video Interviews

When you’re considering trying out recorded video interview solutions, it’s important to make the most of the platform. After all, these on-demand or one-way interviews will be an important part of your screening process. With recorded video interviews, candidates have a unique opportunity to answer recruiters’ questions on camera (or with text and audio) to share why they’d be the best person for the job. They take less time to schedule and review than a traditional phone interview, can be easily shared with colleagues and give reviewers more insight into candidates’ communication skills and abilities.

No matter how you use recorded video interviews, you simple want to ensure you’re maximizing their potential to benefit your organization.

Tips to Help You Make the Most out of Recorded Video Interviews

1. Treat a One-Way Video Interview like a Phone Interview - A One-Way video interview is usually used to replace the phone screening stage of the interview process. Think of the process that same way you would approach a phone interview with a candidate and limit the questions to about 10 or less, depending on the job. Because recorded interviews are designed to save you time, you don’t want to spend an hour reviewing candidate footage if you can limit the time to about 15 minutes instead.

2. Customize Interview Communication with Branding - Use every opportunity to brand the video interview experience for candidates. It keeps your organization top-of-mind at all times and contributes to the candidate experience. It also helps to personalize communications to all candidates, such as with customized automated emails when interview requests are scheduled. Introduction videos or greetings are another great opportunity to share the brand and provide insight into company culture, values and the actual work environment.

3. Share Candidate Videos and Report Feedback - One benefit of recorded interviews is that hiring leaders can all review the videos and share ratings and comments to reach decisions. Because this cannot be achieved with live phone interviews, it’s a great way to provide decision makers all of the resources needed to feel confident in their hiring decisions and converse with colleagues. Recruiters simply share their desired video submissions with decision makers to review on their own time and report feedback within the platform.

4. Analyze Usage Data for ROI - Take a close look at your organization’s scheduling and participation data in the interview platform’s reporting section, and use this data to examine how video has helped the organization or improved ROI. For example, note the original time it would take to phone screen a certain number of candidates in a designated period of time and see how many candidates you were able to screen with video and how the time has likely reduced and allowed you to screen more candidates in less time.

5. Capitalize on Candidate Experience - The video interview process is about the candidate. Use the greeting video option and questions as opportunities for candidates to open up about themselves. Note the importance of candidates telling their stories and expanding on their resumes. If you allow them the ability to impress reviewers and easily navigate the recorded interview process, they’ll appreciate the organization and complete the interview feeling positive about the brand. This encourages them to continue with future interviews and even share their positive experience with others, improving your employer brand.

Video interviews could become instrumental in your hiring process if you know how to get the most out of the solutions. With these tips, you’ll be able to better screen and hire the best candidates by easily collaborating with your colleagues, and the process can help your organization improve its candidate experience and employer brand.

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