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The Top Technology Roadblocks Impacting Candidate Experience


The Top Technology Roadblocks Impacting Candidate Experience

The heavy use of technology in the workplace – and often the lack of use – can create huge roadblocks impacting candidate experience, which could affect other important business factors like employer brand.

Whether recruiters and hiring managers rely too heavily on technology when connecting with candidates or they ignore technology in the recruiting and hiring processes, it could have a negative impact on how candidates experience the process. Even when new jobs receive a large influx of applications, those applicants want to feel welcomed, engaged and considered throughout the process, so it’s important to use the right technology the right way in order to communicate with them.

4 Technology Roadblocks Impacting Candidate Experience

1. Failing to engage and re-engage talent - At its core, recruiting is still based on relationships, and failing to engage or re-engage talent may hurt your candidate experience. While you may not hire certain job seekers, they may still be viable candidates for future roles, so keeping in touch with them will help you build better relationships with top talent and make it easier to place them in the right role. According to a CareerBuilder report, about 46% of HR professionals did not re-engage candidates who were not hired due to either a lack of time or lack of need. Keep in touch with candidates through LinkedIn and create automated reminders for yourself to follow up with viable candidates every six months.

2. Limiting application methods - Today, it’s imperative that organizations implement mobile options for applying for jobs. Job seekers expect the application process to be seamless between desktop and mobile devices, so a mobile-friendly process may not only increase the number of applicants but improve the candidate experience. Organizations should make the necessary arrangements to upgrade to a mobile-optimized ATS and careers page. If job seekers are applying for jobs with their mobile devices, it’s likely that they also expect to communicate and interview with their mobile device. Use the GreenJob mobile apps to facilitate live and recorded video interviews with candidates and hiring managers, opening the door to more opportunities for communicating with talent.

3. Screening applicants based on resumes and phone interviews - Because communication and personalization are key in developing relationships with talent, screening applicants based solely on resumes and phone interviews could damage the candidate experience. Organizations that use recorded video interviews to screen candidates have a better candidate experience that not only make recruiters’ jobs easier but give candidates more opportunities to sell themselves to decision makers. Video screening technology allows you to hire better candidates while giving the candidates a better overall experience and perception of the brand. To add to the experience, candidates receive personalized email notifications and updates.

4. Using automatic responses - Although automated responses are better than no response at all, candidates want personalization. Candidates who do not receive any updates about their status may develop negative feelings about the organization and its hiring process. CareerBuilder cites 62% of job seekers expect more personalized communication, but most recruiters do not have the time and means to respond to every applicant who is not invited to an interview. As a compromise, recruiters can invite all applicants to participate in a recorded video interview, sending out a personalized invitation to all invitees that allows them to record responses to specified questions. This is a quick way to respond to all candidates and give everyone the opportunity to sell themselves through video.

These roadblocks could be keeping your organization from reaching its potential as a top hiring organization. Candidates who view the application and interview experiences as positive will be more likely to recommend the organization and keep the employer brand positive, helping with future hiring initiatives.


Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: