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Employee Perks vs. Company Culture: Which Attracts Candidates?


Employee Perks vs. Company Culture: What Attracts Candidates?

During the job search process, what key points make a job stand out to job seekers? Sometimes it’s the job description, the annual salary or the prestige of the brand. Other times, it’s about the company’s reputation as an employer or the perks known to come along with the job.

When it comes to employee perks vs. company culture, which attract candidates? Employee perks are easy to see, and there’s no doubt everyone would love to receive some of the more notable perks top organizations are known for, such as free lunches, gym memberships, increased vacation, etc. Despite these perks, companies may still have high turnover rates. Job perks may attract new applicants and encourage them to accept a job that provides perks like working from home and casual Fridays, but they won’t help companies retain employees.

Employee Perks vs. Company Culture

It’s easy to think of perks and culture as similar or to at least think that they go hand-in-hand. Company culture is actually quite different from perks because culture often refers to things to things that cannot be seen, such as the attitude of a company and how its actions affect employees. Employee perks generally refer to more tangible items. While a positive company culture feels like a job perk, it’s usually built from within over a long period of time and contributes to the company’s reputation. A company that provides perks to its employees could still have a very weak company culture if leadership is not involved in creating a positive working environment.

Why Company Culture Always Wins

In the end, company culture is more important to a business’s success and the success of its employees. It leads to increased retention and engagement, and it even boost employer brand as candidates experience a strong culture during the recruiting and hiring process. For example, the use of video, especially in the screening stage of hiring, can portray the organization’s company culture and demonstrate to applicants exactly what a day in the office is like. Video interviews give applicants a unique insight into the company despite distance and time constraints, and in the same breath, organizations can show several employee perks that applicants will appreciate, but perks are not the focus.

Employees and candidates are searching for a workplace that is comfortable, accepting and supportive. Individuals want to come to work and feel a sense of community and belonging – a feeling that does not come from employee perks but does come from a positive company culture.


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