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3 Ways Hiring Managers are Hurting your Candidate Experience (and How to Fix It)


3 Ways Hiring Managers are Hurting your Candidate Experience (and How to Fix It)

When working with hiring managers to locate talent, coordinate applicant screens and interviews and follow up with candidates, it can be difficult to make progress when managers are not cooperating with the process. Due to time constraints and heavy workloads, collaborating with hiring managers may be extremely stressful, resulting in a lower quality candidate experience when talent is stuck in the middle.

If hiring managers are hurting your candidate experience, it could impact your employer brand and damage your personal reputation at the company. In order to successfully work with hiring managers and ensure candidates have a positive hiring experience, you should implement tools like video interviews to simplify the process and develop a customized workflow that is easy to follow.

Here are three common ways hiring managers are hurting your candidate experience and how you can resolve these problems to keep candidates happy and keep your employer brand on the rise.

Hiring Managers Cancel or Reschedule

Problem: Interviews are consistently rescheduled due to hiring manager schedules and difficulty coordinating a proper time to meet with candidates in person.

Solution: When hiring managers are too busy to complete interviews, use a video interviewing platform to schedule live virtual interviews that require less time, or invite representatives to review recorded videos from candidates to narrow down larger pools of applicants at their own convenience. Use the scheduling tool to view their Outlook or Gmail calendar and quickly schedule short interviews when you know they will have the time.

Hiring Managers don’t Advocate for Employer Brand

Problem: Hiring managers ignore scripts, branding or other protocols in place to ensure a smooth interview experience that will improve the overall employer brand.

Solution: If the problem is sticking to standardization, use a recorded video interview solution to ask all eligible applicants the same questions to ensure complete fairness. Simply invite the hiring manager to review the videos once complete and easily make decisions without hurting the brand. If the problem is related to following other organizational rules, use a live video interview solution with a live waiting room feature to present hiring managers a set of rules and reminders as well as candidate details prior to joining the meeting room to refresh their memories before the interview.

Hiring Managers Drag Out the Process

Problem: Whether it’s related to time management or indecisiveness, hiring managers drag out the interview and hiring process, making candidates wait longer for answers.

Solution: If you’re working with an indecisive person, using recorded interviews can make it easier to make decisions. Because each candidate is asked the same questions, it’s easy to compare each one side by side to determine the best fit. If the lack of movement in the process is due to a manager’s busy schedule, schedule virtual follow-up interviews to keep candidates fresh without the time commitment of an in-person interview, keeping candidates warm while they wait for a decision and keeping their experience positive.

The bottom line is you have to work with busy hiring managers who may not always have extra time for things like interviews. Keep their needs in mind and adapt the process to work for them so that it does not hinder the candidate experience, thus impacting the employer brand. With these tactics that use video interviews to reduce conflicts, save time and make quicker decisions, you can also ensure that the hiring manager ultimately chooses to hire a great new employee.


Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: