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The Impact of Video on your HR Team



The Impact of Video on your HR Team

Human resources professionals are busy, maintaining a tight schedule, managing day-to-day needs of employees and assisting with hiring new employees. With so much to do, any worker would appreciate an opportunity to make their job easier, and technology can do just that for many professionals.

Now HR teams will need to embrace technological advancements in order to work with the influx of millennials and Generation Z workers that rely heavily on technology. For some organizations, that means creating mobile optimized processes and, for others, it means utilizing video in the hiring process to improve the efficiency of HR processes like hiring and training. The impact of video on your HR team is sure to be a positive one. Specifically, video interviews can be important to improving the function of HR teams and saving time and money long-term.

The Benefits of Video on your HR Team

Shortened Time to Hire - A prominent reason employers choose to incorporate video into their hiring processes is to shorten time to hire, easing the stress on recruiting and HR professionals. Because it is much easier to coordinate scheduling for live video interviews or eliminate the need for scheduling with recorded video interviews, the hiring process moves much faster, benefiting both candidates and HR teams.

Cost Savings - The other most prominent reason employers use video interviews is to save money on unnecessary travel expenses. Rather than coordinating travel for candidates to meet with interviewers in person, live video interviews provide the same level of personal interaction at a much lower cost. This is especially useful for preliminary interviews so that organizations only have to plan travel for the final round of candidates. In addition, the saved time in the hiring process improves efficiency and therefore saves money.

Improved Candidate Access - Organizations that hire internationally or even those that hire nationally but do not have the means to fly candidates back and forth to specific interview locations can benefit greatly from video interviews. They increase access to candidates that may otherwise be hard to connect with. Recorded interviews, for example, make it easy to conquer time differences because no scheduling is required, whereas live interviews allow participants to meet without having to travel.

Training Opportunities - Training new employees varies across organizations, but when the burden falls on HR professionals to manage training programs, it can be a time consuming task. Video is an excellent tool for training employees using live video chat or recorded videos. This reduces the burden on HR teams to plan and execute training when some topics may be easily covered via video. Recorded videos can be created once and shared multiple times, saving HR professionals time that can be dedicated to other tasks, and live video streaming means that new employees and trainers can be in different locations and still have the same level of interaction.

Remote Communication - Video conferencing solutions have improved communication between remote employees, employees in different offices and HR teams, allowing a new way to communicate. When teams cannot speak in person, video meetings are the next best thing and, in many cases, video meetings are more convenient than traveling to a new location. Compared to phone calls, video provides better communication through face-to-face interaction and makes it easier for teams to collaborate, which also applies to HR professionals meeting with employees and management.

Video certainly has a positive impact on HR teams because technology in the workplace is designed to make jobs easier. Video does not have to be just for recruiters – it can help with many business functions, including hiring, training and overall communication and collaboration.

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