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6 Tips for Successfully Recruiting on Twitter


6 Tips for Successfully Recruiting on Twitter

For more than 10 years, Twitter has reigned social media as a source of quick content updates. Despite many reports over the years of Twitter dying out, the social network continues to thrive with more than 310 million active monthly users, posting 500 million tweets daily. Anyone not utilizing Twitter for business use is missing out on a valuable market, and that includes talent acquisition. Successfully recruiting on Twitter takes practice, but because many job seekers have found jobs through Twitter, it’s important to put those jobs in front of potential applicants.

Whether you’re using Twitter as an individual or as a careers account, there are several best practices that can help you find success.

How to Successfully Recruit Candidates on Twitter

1. Complete your Profile - The first thing you should always do when managing any social network is complete your profile by including a profile picture, bio, etc. Twitter is all about being quick and concise, so your bio must be short and to the point. As a recruiter, be sure to include your company name and details about your work, and link to your company careers page or LinkedIn account if desired. You should make it easy for visitors to contact you.

2. Delete Closed Jobs - While deleting content should be done sparingly, you also don’t want visitors stumbling on a job posting that’s been closed as it could affect employer brand perception. Always think through your content before you hit “publish,” but remember to clean up your feed often to ensure that old jobs have been deleted in order to avoid confusion.

3. Use Photos - One mistake many social media users make is not using visual content. Recently, Twitter made an update that allows users to add photos to tweets without taking up characters, giving you zero excuses not to use photos in tweets. In users’ crowded feeds, visual content helps your tweets stand out among other posts. While you don’t need to use a photo in every single tweet, use them often as long as photos are relevant to the post.

4. Be Specific - Posting in 140 characters is tough work. When posting about job openings, be very specific about the job title, location and how to apply to ensure users have all of the information they need. Users will not be happy if clicking on a link leads to an incorrect page or a page that seems different than the tweeted information. Be as specific as you can in your posts in order to build a devoted, engaged audience.

5. Interact with Everyone - If you want to build your following and make connections on Twitter, it’s important to interact. You cannot simply post content and leave it alone. Instead, retweet content from others, reply to users that contact you and find other ways to interact with followers, such as by asking them questions.

6. Research Hashtags - A rookie mistake for any social media user trying to grow their influence is not using the correct hashtags. While it can seem daunting and maybe even unnecessary, hashtags are very important to expanding your audience and ensuring maximum reach of your tweets. Twitter allows users to search by keywords in your tweet, but it also searches by specific hashtags, such as #jobsearch or #nowhiring. Research the most used and most successful hashtags relevant to your content, and be sure to include company-specific hashtags that will help relate updates back to your organization. However, don’t overload your tweets with hashtags – only use what is most relevant.

If you haven’t already started, get on Twitter! That’s where your potential applicants are and they want to hear from you! With these tips, you can start recruiting on Twitter right away and hopefully see great success. Share articles, job postings and tips for interviews or company information, and job seekers will find you and begin to research your available jobs.

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