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10 Reasons to Try Video Interviews this Year


10 Reasons to Try Video Interviews this Year

By now you know that video interviews are not new. What you don’t realize is how much video interviews have evolved since breaking into the talent acquisition industry about 10 years ago. In an age when technology is becoming increasingly important to business and recruiting, organizations that don’t embrace innovations like video interviews may quickly fall behind their competitors.

Reasons to Try Video Interviews

1. Multimedia-Enriched Experience - In our digital age, technology is created to enhance experiences, and the interview process is no different. By incorporating live and/or recorded interviews, teams can create a multimedia-enriched experience that encourages communication. Rather than planning phone interviews, video technology allows you to get to know candidates better, and virtual interviews provide more ways to connect without the additional time commitments.

2. Cost Savings - One of the most important benefits our clients say they receive with video interviews is cost savings. Organizations that hire a large amount of new employees every year, or those who hire internationally or long-distance can save up to millions of dollars on travel by using video interviews. Rather than needing to arrange travel to meet with candidates, interviewers simply connect with candidates through virtual interviews and experience the same level of personal interaction as an in-person meeting.

3. International Candidate Access - Because it is difficult to arrange international travel with candidates, video interviews provide an excellent, inexpensive alternative to international interviews. With international conference calling, it’s easy to connect with candidates anywhere in the world, reducing costs, saving time, and creating a more convenient experience for all participants.

4. Hiring Manager Convenience - Whether you use live or recorded video interviews, hiring managers, schedulers and candidates all experience the convenience of video interviews. Specifically, hiring managers can review candidate recordings at their own convenience rather than scheduling one-on-one phone or in-person interviews. During the screening stage, One-Way videos allow hiring managers to gather necessary information about applicants without having to take valuable time out of their day to meet directly with candidates who may not be a good fit. For live interviews, hiring managers have the convenience of meeting anywhere, anytime, so traveling doesn’t have to limit the ability to schedule an interview.

5. Candidate Experience - Because video interviews have become so advanced, the technology provides a positive candidate experience that encourages participants to continue with the hiring process. Studies show that candidates with a bad interview or hiring experience may drop out of the process or hold a negative view of the company. With a custom-branded, customer service-enriched experience using video interview technology, candidates can have a great experience. GreenJobInterview offers customized waiting rooms that gives candidates all of the information they need before entering the meeting.

6. Competitive Advantage - When in doubt, video interviews provide a great competitive advantage. As an organization with video interview technology, you have the unique opportunity to beat competitors to the punch, scheduling virtual interviews before other companies have the ability to speak with candidates. Video interviews improve time to hire, so you don’t miss out on candidates with a lengthy hiring process.

7. Easy Comparison - When you use One-Way recorded interviews, it’s much easier to compare similar candidates. Resumes alone don’t provide full insight into candidates’ experience, personalities or professionalism. By watching videos, it may become clear right away which candidate is better for the job, even though they seem so similar on paper.

8. Custom Branding - Because of the simple customization of the video interview platform, organizations have a truly custom branded experience for hiring managers and candidates. With customized emails, waiting rooms, meeting platforms and even training materials, the entire process still feels personalized to your company, which extends brand awareness to the users.

9. Hiring Efficiency - Overall, video interviews are proven to improve hiring efficiency. They save money and save time by allowing a new avenue for organizations to interact with talent. Because video interviews can be interjected into many stages of the screening and hiring processes, it’s easy for organizations to customize the platform to their needs.

10. Expand Screening Pool - Using video as a screening tool, recruiters have the ability to expand their talent pool to more applicants because they don’t have to speak individually with each one, opening recruiters up to great candidates who may not necessarily look good on paper. With recorded interviews, you simply invite as many candidates as you want or create an open link for anyone, and build candidate profiles by requesting text, video, URL and other types of responses.

Still not sure if video interviews are the best decision for your organization? Check out our downloadable resources to learn more about video interviews and how some of our clients have achieved success with them, or click below to schedule a demo of the platform.

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Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: