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Use Video Interviews as a Nurturing Tactic in Recruiting


Use Video Interviews as a Nurturing Tactic in Recruiting

Marketing as a recruiting tactic has become very popular in recent years, and it’s likely to remain at the forefront of 2017 industry trends. In what has been called a “candidate’s market,” marketing tactics allow recruiters to better target job seekers, especially with nurturing tactics targeting passive candidates. Social recruiting, recruitment videos are other popular tools are widely based on common marketing strategies, and video interviews – both recorded and live interviews – are another tool that can be used to nurture candidates through the hiring process.

In order to capture more passive candidates, keep talent warm during hiring and develop lasting relationships with applicants, recruiters can utilize nurturing tactics traditionally used in marketing. If it works to capture customers, why not candidates? Tactics that capture job seekers’ attention and warm them up to the idea of the job can be extremely successful, especially when you’re trying to capture passive candidates.

How to Use Video Interviews as a Nurturing Tactic

  • More opportunities - One way to nurture applicants is by providing them more attention throughout the recruiting process. By utilizing recorded video interviews, you can give applicants more opportunities to convince decision makers that they’re right for the job without taking up more of your or your hiring team’s time. Simply invite them to participate and watch their video responses at your own convenience.
  • Follow ups - Nurture applicants with follow-up interviews. Even in a long hiring process, you can make time for a video interview to follow-up with your top candidates and keep talent warm until the next step. Otherwise, you risk them moving on to another opportunity. At any stage in the hiring process, a live video interview can help you reconnect with a candidate, letting them know they’re still in the running for the job.

Other Nurturing Tactics in Recruiting

  • Optimal placement on multiple networks - In the earliest stages of hiring, another way to nurture job seekers is by promoting the job opening through multiple outlets that reach a larger group of job seekers. This includes social media, where you can develop a nurture campaign reminding followers of deadlines and available jobs. Without being pushy, continuous reminders and optimal placement can nurture job seekers.
  • Personalization - A common theme in recruiting today is personalization. For example, when sending out emails to your talent base, including their name and a small line personalized to them is more likely to solicit responses. Personalization can take many forms in marketing to talent, but email is the number one way (according to some studies) to capture attention, and drip campaigns that send multiple emails to interested job seekers can warm them up to available jobs.
  • Acknowledge and communicate - Perhaps the simplest way to nurture job seekers through the process is simply communicating with them once they’ve applied. Because most job seekers do not receive any response from jobs they’ve applied for, it hurts their opinion of the employer brand and can discourage them from seeking future jobs at the company. Setting up automated emails letting applicants know of their status in the process can go a long way, and those who learn they are being considered may be more willing to wait out a long process for the job.

These are just a few of the ways recruiters can use video interviews and other nurturing tactics to bring marketing to the hiring process. Some candidates, particularly passive ones, need time to warm up to a job offer, and making an effort to check in with applicants can significantly improve employer brand, candidate experience and offer acceptance rates. In recruiting and human resources, it’s important to remember that one factor often affects another, so if you can improve one aspect, you may see an all-around improvement in your hiring process and even ROI.


Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: