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Capturing Passive Candidates with Aggressive Recruiting Tactics


Capturing Passive Candidates with Aggressive Recruiting Tactics

With such a competitive job market, it’s important that recruiters branch out from pursing primarily active job seekers. While active job seekers are easier to locate and hire (after all, they come to you), passive candidates may provide more actual value.

Because three-fourths of all global candidates are considered passive, recruiters have to break down barriers to capture more passive candidates who might not be actively looking for work. In order to capture passive candidates more effectively, many recruiters are enacting aggressive recruiting tactics that, although the name is intimidating, have proved fairly successful, especially when combined with technology and the latest recruiting trends like video interviews and social recruiting.

According to 51% of respondents in one study, passive candidate sourcing has been less effective for their company, and that’s arguably because of the intense competition taking place on websites like LinkedIn because very few recruiters branch out from the popular social network. By utilizing other aggressive recruiting tactics to capture passive candidates, you can outsmart your competition and find an opening in the job market to hire quality talent.

Aggressive Recruiting Tactics that Work

Video Interviews - One way to aggressively recruit talent while remaining accommodating is to use video interviews. Use a live virtual interview as leverage to lure a potential applicant into speaking with you about the job without taking time out of their busy day to travel to an office. When you have them on camera, it’s much easier to make a convincing argument for the job and they haven’t spent any more or less time talking with you than they might on the phone. Video interviews can be used at multiple stages in the hiring process, but the software allows you to easily screen candidates by meeting via video chat any time, anywhere.

Social Recruiting - One of the more prominent ways recruiters reach out to job seekers and passive candidates is through social networking websites, especially LinkedIn. When trying to recruit aggressively, many individuals send direct messages to qualified individuals on LinkedIn, befriend them through Facebook and connect via Twitter. Considering 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search, it’s not surprising that this technique is extremely successful when used properly. In addition to reaching out to potential applicants directly, recruiters should publish job openings on social media and promote the organization in a way that could improve the employer brand and attract more individuals to the company.

Consistent Email Outreach - Much like marketing professionals, aggressive recruiters reach out to contact lists to gather potential applicants. It’s a similar but less personal, more automated way to reach passive candidates than LinkedIn, and it’s particularly useful for recruiters with access to an email platform for sending messages to large contact lists. You can track clicks in emails and receive direct responses from those who read the email, and although it is a more aggressive way to contact someone, it is extremely effective and does not take as much time as LinkedIn messages or cold calls.

Attend Networking Events - Perhaps the least aggressive and most personal of these techniques is attending networking events to meet potential applicants. Attending events with targeted professionals provides a great opportunity to meet people within a specific niche and speak with them face-to-face rather than via email. Take the opportunity to meet people who aren’t necessary searching for a job and ask for their card. If you think they might be a good fit, give them a call when you have a position available and pitch it. Because you already have an established relationship, it’s easier to have a conversation about the job.

No matter which techniques you use, aggressive recruiting is tough. While you may often hear the word “no” or see few responses from emails and social outreach, you may also find that being aggressive pays off when you convert even a couple individuals to potential applicants. Although time to hire has increased significantly, partially due to such a competitive market, you can make up for it by hiring the perfect candidate that checks off all of the job requirements.

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