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Boost Candidate Experience with Video Interviews


Improve Candidate Experience with Video InterviewsSurely we’ve all experienced the disappointment of not being considered for a job we applied for. Submitting applications can be time consuming, and we often have hope that we’ll hear back from the organization and never receive a call or email. While it’s understandable that businesses cannot respond to every single person who applies, this lack of communication may negatively impact the candidate experience and even the employer brand.

Nearly 60% of applicants have had a negative candidate experience when applying for jobs, according to a study by CareerArc. In most cases, applicants’ poor experience is caused my lack of communication during the review process, leaving many with a negative perception of the organization. To combat concerns with candidate experience, some organizations have turned to video interviews to both improve the interview process and allow more applicants to participate in interviews, improving communication and even locating better candidates.

Recorded Video Interviews Improve Candidate Experience

The problem with some hiring processes is that applicant tracking systems may filter out relevant applicants after reading their resumes for keywords when the applicant could have been a good fit for the job. While applicant tracking systems are designed to reduce the stress on talent acquisition staff by filtering out unqualified talent, it is not a foolproof system, which is why video interviews can be a valuable addition to the screening process. CareerArc found that about 62% of employers that use this software admit that some qualified applicants are probably being filtered out by mistake.

Instead of relying entirely on software to pre-screen applicants, recorded video interviews allow recruiters access to talent that may have otherwise been filtered out of the process and they can review candidate videos in just as little time as it takes to review a resume. After all, experienced recruiters can determine in seconds if a candidate may be the right fit for a job.

Incorporating recorded video interviews into the screening process ensures more candidates feel included in the hiring process, improving their candidate experience, and it ensures recruiters can still find quality candidates without spending extra time during the screening process. Plus, many video interview providers, such as GreenJobInterview, integrate with popular applicant tracking systems to make the process even easier.

Connect Better with Live Video Interviews

Most candidates claim that their experience was lessened due to poor communication with the hiring organization. In order to reduce communication difficulties and be able to spend more face time with candidates, live video interviews bridge the gap. Whether you use them to save time and money on travel or as an extra step in the screening process with local candidates, video interviews give candidates more time to impress their interviewer, improving their impression of your brand and the overall process.

Despite the amount of candidates who will ultimately not be considered for a role, giving them more opportunities to communicate with a recruiter or interviewer changes how they view the experience. When job seekers spend time carefully articulating their resumes and cover letters for a job opening, they are naturally  disappointed when they don’t receive any response. Thanks to video interviews, you can give more candidates an opportunity to interview for the job without wasting your organization’s time on unfit candidates.

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