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5 Employee Recognition Tips to Improve Engagement


5 Employee Recognition Tips to Improve Engagement

Over the years, many studies have emerged about the impact employee recognition has on both employee turnover and engagement. Because more and more organizations are striving to increase engagement, we put together five employee recognition tips to improve engagement and reduce turnover, helping create a cohesive, happy workplace for all employees.

According to an infographic by Officevibe, organizations with effective recognition programs have 31% lower turnover rates than those with ineffective programs, and at least 90% of employees say that their company’s recognition program impacts their engagement at work.

Small things like getting to know employees better can truly impact how well they work. Managers should make an effort to get to know employees, always refer to them by name and ask about their lives, even when it’s as simple as asking about their weekend plans. Building relationships in the workplace can encourage employees to care more about their jobs and the people they work with everyday, especially when it’s their direct supervisor. Recruiters and HR professionals should take steps to encourage relationship building and employee recognition programs in order to improve employee engagement and reduce turnover.

Employee Recognition Tips

1. Spend time with employees - Whether you’re a manager or HR professional, talk to leadership about organizing employee events for either the whole company or individual departments to encourage team building and interaction with upper management. By recognizing employees with a fun event, you’re offering them a chance to associate something fun with their job, which helps to improve their overall engagement. Off-site work activities also provide a way for employees to relax but still engage with their colleagues.

2. Let employees make decisions - When it comes to making changes, improvements and small-scale decisions, allow employees a chance to make changes through voting, surveys or even suggestion boxes. They’ll feel much happier when they know their voice is being considered in company decisions, and it provides management with important information about how employees feel. While it may not be effective for all types of company decisions, it can be a great outlet for employees to feel recognized.

3. Public appreciation - Many organizations have employee appreciation programs in place that recognize one or more employees every month or quarter with some kind of physical prize for excelling at their job. By announcing those praises throughout the organization, such as with an email announcement or a photo on a wall, you’re also encouraging other employees to strive for the same appreciation through good work. Overall, public appreciation encourages productivity because employees feel they are working toward that recognition.

4. Encourage growth - Sometimes, employees may feel stagnant in their careers, prompting their engagement to drop or even leave the company in search of the next step in their lives, but organizations that encourage growth among employees can provide the recognition those individuals need to stay satisfied at their jobs. Whether it’s offering a clear path to management, providing more job responsibilities, paying to extend their education or other measures, employers that encourage their employees to grow and improve have higher retention and engagement rates, and that level of recognition encourages employees to remain loyal to the organization.

5. Flexibility - One more way organizations can recognize employees for their work ethic is the flexibility to work from home or leave early when desired, showing trust in your employees to complete their work without someone watching over them. Although this tactic won’t work for all types of jobs, studies do show that employees with the flexibility to work remotely tend to be happier and more engaged. If employees prove that they can complete their work out of the office, the flexibility can be a great way to show recognition.

Want to improve engagement from the start? When you hire new employees, you can build relationships with them using video interviews to communicate more often and more conveniently. Instead of a phone call, try meeting with candidates via live or recorded video interviews so you can both learn more about each other throughout the hiring process. This tactic can help recruiters make more personal connections with candidates and have a well-established relationship with someone when you extend a job offer. Your new employee will join the company with higher engagement right from the start, and it helps create a positive employer brand that will follow the company with future candidates.

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