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3 Simple Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Recruiting


3 Simple Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Recruiting

Today, about 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates, and 48% of them focus only on LinkedIn for social outreach. Because job board websites attract only those actively looking for a new job, LinkedIn is a great website for locating passive candidates and developing relationships with them by connecting an sharing content.

When using LinkedIn to recruit talent, especially passive talent, it’s important to utilize not only your personal recruiter profile but the company’s profile and careers page. The first step in an social recruiting strategy is to optimize your social profile, so be sure that both your personal and company profile cover all available bases, including adding a profile picture, search engine optimized overview and links to company webpages. Make as much information available to website users as possible so they will be persuaded to connect with you or potentially apply for a job opening.

How to Optimize LinkedIn Recruiting

1. Employee Videos - By filming short videos with various employees and publishing them on LinkedIn (both personal and brand pages) and on your company website, you can build trust in the brand and create a knowledge base for job seekers to reference. The same can be said for text testimonials, but video has proven to be much more valuable because text can be easily forged or kept anonymous. Based on a study by Glassdoor, content provided by employees is trusted by 52% of individuals, referring to customers as well as potential job seekers. Ultimately, employee videos, testimonials and praise is more trusted by job seekers that messages from executive management or even a recruiter.

2. Recorded Video Interview Links - If your goal is to increase the amount of applicants you receive, try adding a link to take a recorded video interview on your company’s careers page or specific job applications on LinkedIn. You have the option to create interview links that are available to the public at any time, so making these links available online allows you to gather video responses from LinkedIn users, who can respond directly to your questions, upload their resumes and include links to their online portfolios, so it’s easy to manage a large influx of applicants. Watch them anytime and share with colleagues to screen faster with video than traditional resume submissions and phone calls.

3. Build Employer Brand - Use your own profile as well as the company page to build employer brand by showing off the culture of the organization in various posts and profile descriptions. Include details about awards, volunteer work, partnerships and other accomplishments in the company profile, and take every opportunity to share company news and press online through multiple accounts, encouraging other employees to share positive company content as much as possible. Building the brand on LinkedIn will eventually make it easier to capture the attention of passive candidates.

These are only three ways to optimize LinkedIn recruiting for your business, but there are many others. Although LinkedIn is a designated website for professions and therefore is a perfect place to source talent, don’t focus all of your attention on one social networking website. To truly master social recruiting, it’s best to stay active on other major networks, including Facebook and Twitter, where many job seekers and passive candidates follow brands to keep up with the latest news. Once you’ve developed an outstanding personal brand and employer brand online, encourage others to share and reap the benefits of social media.

Holly Wade is the Marketing Manager at GreenJobInterview. She comes from the technology world with a background in marketing and public relations, where she specialized in content management, brand development and social media. Connect with Holly via LinkedIn: