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How to Gain a Competitive Hiring Advantage with Video Interviews


How to Gain a Competitive Hiring Advantage with Video Interviews

In a tight hiring market, every talent acquisition team fights to gain a competitive hiring advantage that will attract not just more talent but better talent. When the market is competitive, every organization seeks out a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, especially when it comes to the hiring process. An inefficient hiring process could drive away quality candidates if it takes too long, and you could be left with a group of less-than-qualified candidates due to poor screening practices, time constraints, budgets and more.

In order to gain the competitive hiring advantage you need and want, video interviews provide several key benefits that can make your organization an ideal workplace. When you utilize the latest technology to capture and interview candidates, you not only present a positive employer brand but show candidates that you are efficient, driven and focused on them. Candidates who are highly sought after will be swayed by your hiring process, including how well you communicate with them, how long it takes them to complete multiple interviews and your overall candidate experience.

Don’t miss out on those great candidates! Here’s why you can capture them by using video interviews and earn a competitive advantage in hiring.

Why Video Interviews give you a Competitive Hiring Advantage

1. Flexible Scheduling - One of the foremost benefits of video interviews are their impact on time to hire. Because scheduling live virtual interviews reduces the need for travel, it reduces scheduling conflicts and makes it much easier for individuals to meet anytime, anywhere, so candidates can move through the process much faster, but recruiters and managers can still be sure they’re making the right hiring decision. Similarly, recorded video interviews make screening applicants more efficient because you do not have to spend individual blocks of time calling candidates that may or may not be the right fit.

2. Performance Measuring - Unlike traditional in-person interviews, video interviews provide reporting information for you to track interviews and measure their performance. Plus, recorded video interviews have a built-in rating and sharing system that allows administrators to rate candidate submissions and share them with hiring managers in order to quickly and easily determine the candidates who will move on in the hiring process.

3. Reduce Time Constraints - Due to the flexible nature of video interviews, it’s easier for candidates to make time for interviews in their day. Rather than leave the office midday for an in-person interview, they can schedule a convenient time to interview virtually that doesn’t interfere with their work day. This is a unique advantage many organizations cannot offer in their hiring process, but it can heavily influence candidates with very busy schedules and allow them to interview sooner.

4. Improve Candidate Experience - Another important aspect to creating a hiring advantage is providing individuals with a positive candidate experience that will influence them to both continue with the hiring process but ultimately accept a job offer and speak highly of the organization. Video interviews, particularly professionally designed solutions like GreenJobInterview, are proven to provide a great candidate experience through live support, organizational branding, custom waiting rooms and more that keep the candidate informed and engaged.

5. Build Employer Brand - In order to appeal to applicants, every organization needs a positive, strong employer brand, and video interviews can help you build or improve it. Because video interviews lend a hand to positive candidate experience, increased time to hire, flexibility and more, they help build an employer brand that will attract high quality applicants to jobs. When candidates and employees rate their experience on websites like Glassdoor, it helps improve the quality of applicants you receive in the future, bringing the hiring process full circle.

For these and many other reasons, video interviews can help organizations gain a competitive hiring advantage that brings in better employees and builds a long-term employer brand that helps with future hiring. Whether they use live or recorded video interviews, recruiters can narrow down candidates more quickly and still find the perfect person for the job, ensuring that candidates are not lost in the process or to other companies with more efficient hiring methods.

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