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Why Hire Freelancers with Video Interviews


Why Hire Freelancers with Video Interviews

More than 53 million Americans do freelance work, according to a 2014 study, which amounts to about 34% of the total workforce. Another article predicts that by 2020, approximately 40% of the workforce will consider themselves independent workers or not work a traditional 9-to-5 job, proving just how quickly freelance work continues to grow in the US. Many organizations turn to freelancers for one-off projects, extra help when workloads are heavy or for occasional specialty work, among other reasons.

As more and more organizations hire remote workers and freelancers, less and less employees are working from corporate offices or job sites. This freedom often results in higher engagement and happier employees, eventually resulting in higher quality work. Because freelance workers are more common in business today, organizations have begun to create the business around their workers, whereas the traditional workforce was organized around the business.

In order to hire freelancers all over the country who fit the needs of the job, recruiters have turned to freelance-specific search engines, but what happens when it comes time to hire them? Due to distance, it’s difficult to meet with freelance candidates and many organizations would not use their budgets to pay for travel expenses for an interview. Instead, when recruiters hire freelancers with video interviews, they can be sure they’re hiring the right freelancer in a very short amount of time without enduring the costs of travel.

Reasons to Hire Freelancers with Video Interviews

Create a personal connection - Because it’s usually not cost-effective to meet with freelancers in-person, video interviews allow you to create a personal connection through video chat software. Meet with your freelancer face-to-face to help determine their fit, review their skills and discuss any details about the job. It’s easy and convenient to set up video interviews, and they’re significantly more personal than a traditional phone interview.

Shorten time to hire - Meeting with freelancers via video interviews not only makes you feel more secure with your decision but it can shorten time to hire. Instead of going back and forth with email or phone calls or taking the time to travel, you can meet anytime to discuss the job using video. This way, no barriers have to get in the way of hiring someone quickly and efficiently.

Reduce Costs - As I mentioned, there’s no need for interviewers or freelancers to travel to discuss the job, so it reduces potential travel costs. Although not many organizations require travel for freelance interviews, video interviews help reduce costs in other ways, such as by shortening time to hire and increasing efficiency. Overall, the more efficient the process and the workforce, the more money organizations save, and video interviews and experienced freelancers contribute to these factors.

With video interviews, you can quickly move qualified candidates through the process and make the right decision faster, which is crucial when you’re interviewing freelancers who may have other job offers. Remember that freelancers are interviewing you too in order to ensure it’s a job they’re excited to take on, so make the process as open and personal as possible to ensure everyone is making the right decision.


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