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How to Encourage Personal Branding of Hiring Managers


How to Encourage Personal Branding of Hiring Managers

Most organizations focus their efforts on creating an employer brand that will attract candidates, but what many are still beginning to encourage is personal branding of hiring managers. When candidates begin their job search, they’ll research the companies they want to work for and whether their employer brand is appealing, but as they search deeper they’ll find their potential manager. By creating a personal brand, hiring managers can begin to influence applicants before they even meet, affecting their job decisions and potentially helping them to accept a job offer.

Because managers are the point of contact for employees, the way a hiring manager presents themselves before, during and after an interview can heavily influence decisions. When recruiters encourage personal branding of hiring managers, it’s also beneficial to managers for their careers, especially if they are able to establish themselves as experts in their field. Online communication has made this is a necessity in the business world in order to advance one’s career and create a positive personal brand that also reflects the employer. Most recruiters have already mastered this, so the next logical step is for hiring managers to follow.

How to Build Personal Branding of Hiring Managers

1. Build trust - The first and most important thing a hiring manager needs to do is build trust with their existing team to set the stage for a positive personal brand. Most employees quit because of their managers, not the company as a whole, so building trust and taking the steps to be a good manager will go a long way in helping the organization breed more successful employees and reduce turnover.

 2. Record manager videos - Whether you’re using them for video interviews or not, recording manager videos will go a long way to building their personal brand within the company by introducing them to candidates. We encourage video greetings to introduce candidates to companies and hiring managers before they submit One-Way recorded video interviews. By taking the time to record a short message from hiring managers to share with candidates early on in the process, you can help build a relationship between candidates and managers before they even meet, contributing to the candidate experience and starting the interview on a friendly note.

3. Optimize LinkedIn profiles - One simple way for managers to build their personal brand is by keeping their LinkedIn profile up to date and optimize it with appropriate keywords about their job. This is one of the first things candidates will find when researching their manager and, as a public-facing profile, it’s important that the profile be very professional in order to reflect well on the company. Hiring managers should also include links in their profile to learn more about the company and career opportunities. Think of hiring managers as brand ambassadors who promote the company via their own work.

4. Participate in events - When possible, hiring managers should take advantage of attending events and speaking at conferences to widen the company’s reach and promote themselves as experts in their field. This facilitates great networking opportunities and builds the hiring manager’s personal brand among potential job seekers.

5. Engage with applicants and passive candidates - Because passive candidates are difficult to capture, getting them to engage with a hiring manager is a victory, but don’t let it go to waste. By coaching hiring managers to engage passive candidates, they’re building their own brand and helping convince the not-so-interested candidate that your organization is the best place for them. Whether its online or offline, engaging with all candidates is what makes a great hiring manager with a strong personal brand that will attract those candidates to the company, increasing job acceptance rates.

Building a personal brand for hiring managers is not an overnight process, but it can begin with something as simple as an updated LinkedIn profile. The important thing for managers to remember is that their actions, managerial skills and online presence reflect the company and influence the employer brand, which in turn influences the job seekers considering that company for employment.

Recruiters can begin the process of encouraging managers to build a personal brand through a simple checklist, sharing speaking opportunities, providing tips and hosting one-on-one meetings to ask them to record video interview greetings or teach them tactics for speaking with passive candidates. With slow changes, hiring managers can begin to build a successful personal brand that they can take with them throughout their careers.

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